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Planning your shipment though heavy haul trucking can be a long process – there are so many things that you need to look out for.  While you might have an extensive checklist, you should do your best to make sure that you include the main pointers.   These are the shipment essentials in our book, and honestly, if you focus on them, the shipment will go as smoothly and perfectly as possible. So, if you’re thinking of doing planning for shipments through heavy haul trucking easier, the following are a few helpful tips that you should consider: Heavy haul trucking Heavy haul trucking

4 Tips for Planning Shipments through Heavy Haul Trucking

Have all Your Permits Ready

  All your permits must be ready, and they must be available beforehand. This is because no shipment is possible with these permits. If the permits aren’t there, your cargo will be sitting in the warehouse or shipping yard. This is one of the biggest requirements of heavy haul trucking   Additionally, it can take weeks for the permits to get processed and come back clear. If you didn’t do this beforehand, it means that your goods will stay in the warehouse for as many days as it takes for the permit to get approved.  It can end up costing you a lot of money to do that.  

Plan for the Route

  Now, before you apply for the permits, you must successfully plan the route that you’re cargo will be going. It’s as simple as considering how your shipment will go from Point A to Point B and the pit stops it might make on the way. It also shows you just what kind of permits you will need, especially if your cargo will be going out of state.   Working out the route will also give you an estimate on when to expect the cargo to arrive at the final destination. You also have to make sure that your team is available for the unloading and moving on to the next stage.  

Let Them Know About Special Requirements

  Special requirements, in this case, relate to the cargo and transportation needs. It’s as simple as asking yourself the following questions:  
  • Do you need a crane?
  • Does the cargo require tarping?
  • Do you need tie-down points?
  • Are flags needed?
  Consider these questions beforehand and make sure to share the details with the heavy haul trucking company that you are working with. Many can accommodate special requirements, but some might not have the vehicles needed. In that case, you might have to work with some other company.  

Always Know Cargo Dimensions

You must know the dimensions and weight of the cargo that you want to ship. It allows you to pick the right heavy haul trucking company and also ensures that you can get the right vehicles for your shipping needs.   Additionally, some cargo dimensions can mean that it is suited for a particular vehicle only. Or, it could mean that it fits in any vehicle. It’s the best way to figure out how challenging the shipping is going to be.  

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