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Heavy haul shipping is a risky business. It’s often riddled with errors and delays. During the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increasing need for greater efficiency, specifically because of the economic impact. Delays and improper planning can also lead to greater fatalities and injuries. We certainly don’t need more of them at this time. Hence, maximizing efficiency and paying attention to proper procedures can both save lives and improve profits. So, here are 4 tips you can use to improve the efficiency of heavy haul trucking companies.   Here are 4 tips you can use to maximize efficiency at heavy haul trucking companies.  

1.     Planning the Routes in Advance

  Clearing different barriers, complying with permits, and adhering to the rules of the road, are all issues with trucking. Without planning, they can’t possibly be overcome. Even if the shipment gets to its destination on time, offloading it can sometimes be a problem. Without proper planning, heavy haul trucking companies can’t expect to make a profit.  

4 Tips to Maximize the Efficiency of Heavy Haul Trucking Companies


2.     Keeping a Strict Schedule

  Maintaining a schedule is the key to achieving efficiency, after all. If you can’t keep a schedule, then what is the efficiency for? Heavy haul trucking companies have to deal with delays, paperwork problems, and other issues. Gridlock traffic, roadblocks, and even random accidents have to be accounted for. Hence, keeping a strict schedule demands that all the tasks assigned to the different employees are accomplished ASAP.  

3.     Using Different Trailers for Different Equipment

  Ensuring safety doesn’t just always mean following proper procedure. It also means using the right equipment for the job. The trailer best suited for the job has to be used for the type of equipment necessary for heavy haul trucking companies. The varying axle configurations and the specifications necessary for every equipment naturally vary. Here is a guide to help you figure out which equipment goes with which trailer.  

Drop Deck Trailers

  The upper part of this trailer is designed for adjustment of height. It is easier to load and offload goods with this equipment for heavy haul trucking companies.  

Gooseneck Trailers

  The trailer here is fixed to the bed. It has a modifiable bar. Hydraulic, mechanical, and fixed trailers are all under this category.  

Extendable Drop Deck Trailers

  The design works similarly to the drop deck trailers, but the body extends further to cater to lengthier equipment.  

Lowboy Trailers

  This is a trailer that is as high as 12 feet when it lies flat on the ground. These are used to haul huge and lengthy materials like lumber and scaffolding. They can also be used for huge beams of steel.  

4.     Taking Care of Safety

  Safety is paramount when dealing with heavy freight. It’s important to follow the procedure that is meant to secure heavy loads so that traffic accidents and mishaps are avoided. Security procedures may seem tiresome and arduous during the shipping, but they provide huge benefits to customers and drivers. Using these practices to maximize your efficiency will lead to better profits and greater benefits for your company.