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Specialized cargo may need a nine-axle trailer. We can outfit your cargo with the flatbed trailer that is needed for the configuration of your shipment. These heavy haul transportation loads can weigh up to seventy-five tons. A nine-axle heavy haul transport flatbed trailer can transport your cargo safely and within all state and federal regulations. These features allow your cargo to be shipped in one piece most of the time without having to incur additional costs to break down the load. They can be moved using as few trailers as possible to meet these weight regulations.


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You will see the difference moving a load with the correct equipment in one piece vs. several in the bottom line of your budget. Cumulative savings will be quite evident in savings for labor, fuel, and dismantling and reassembling times. This reduction in cost using our concise logistics can reflect a savings of as much as $5,000 to $10,000 per trailer load.


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9 Axle Trailer – Heavy Haul Transporters


We can outfit your project with the correct nine axle trailer. These nine axle trailers can stretch or even double drop to fit the characteristics of any individual load. The goal is to move your load using the least number of trailers possible.


The nine axle trailers can safely move 75 tons using a three-axle jeep coupled with three axles on the drop deck. To complete the configuration the low boy is connected to a gooseneck using flip axles to assist in loading and unloading even the most complicated machinery configurations.


Heavy Haul Transporting’s 9 axle trailers can move cargo that is over 100 feet long and as tall as 12 feet using these 9-axle heavy haul flatbed trailers. Hydraulically assisted controls can shift the weight of the axles distribution points to retain safe and regulated practices. These trailers can even be raised and lowered to assist in backing.


When looking into a reputable heavy hauler and the abilities of their experience a heavy haul trucking company like Heavy Haul Transporting Inc. can give you the peace of mind needed as you are meticulously guided through the heavy haul shipping process.


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