Biden and Heavy Haul Trucking Companies

Biden’s plan for standard and heavy haul transporting companies will add four hundred billion dollars to the national budget over 10 years and three trillion dollars to an aggressive infrastructure program. He wants to be known as a champion of low carbon transportation, a strategy for the transportation industry and heavy haul trucking companies. Outlined in the plan are details to transition to a new generation of electric tractors and the advanced study of the airline and shipping sectors.


zero carbon emissions Heavy Haul Trucking Companies


To keep transportation lanes moving while the positive impact on these initiatives is advanced with this plan to achieve the net-zero emissions end game by twenty fifty will include the following highlights. This would be accomplished by targeting the reduction of biofuel costs as this clean energy plan is started.


The development of more efficient engines would be a large part of the plan. These engines would power standard and heavy haul companies as well as many uses for the aviation and shipping sectors. To reduce the price range and access to the many charging stations of these newer technologies electric cars and trucks will be part of the transition plan.


All these plans can be accomplished here in the United States. The larger concern is the ability to hold the rest of the world accountable especially China and India as they enjoy developing country status waivers.


Biden and Heavy Haul Trucking Companies



When Trump deregulations are reversed, to aid in this obvious increase of carbon fuel pricing; the restoration of the fully electric vehicle tax credit will be reinstated to give American families, shipping sectors and flatbed trucking companies relieving alternatives. Allocating one billion dollars per year will be budgeted for energy storage and battery advancements to increase the range of these technologies decreasing the costs of these electric alternatives. To achieve these results policies will be mandated promoting the promotions of the domestic production of electric vehicle conversions.


Plans to continue the current infrastructure plans are in place albeit that they are limited as congress searches for ways to fund the proposed bills dealing with the repairs to our interstates and bridges. The initiative is to spend 50 billion dollars in 2021 alone to repair these existing bridges and roads. Continuation by the new administration will be greatly dependent on finding new revenue sources to fund the HTF. American manufacturers will be tapped on to use these funds in fine-tuning distribution supply chains, decreasing shipping and flatbed shipping costs, unloading cargo in American ports vs. Canadian ports, and increasing US exports.


Investment opportunities to cut down on commute times, reduce pollution, provide shorter commute times that will connect workers with metro areas and opportunities to secure gainful employment will be rolled out electrifying Amtrak and all major freight railways.


How it will all be paid for is the elephant in the room issue. Unfortunately, this funding barrier is likely to continue as the Biden administration takes over. Energy prices will surely escalate as regulations are put in place and as much of Trump’s executive orders are reversed. The middle class will once again struggle to pay taxes and make ends meet!