Driver and Technician Shortage in Heavy Haul Transporting

Driver and Technician Shortage in Heavy Haul Transporting. The most critical issue facing the heavy haul transporting sector are the driver shortages.  Capable and willing experienced drivers and technicians are needed. The trucking industry, drivers, technicians, vendors and partners serve over 80 percent of Americas cities.

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Driver and Technician Shortage in Heavy Haul Transporting

Trucking is essential to our daily supply chain. The increase in the building of new factories and the repairs needed for our rotting infra structure is critical. Basic supply chain transportation is one thing. But the experience and professionalism needed to move over size loads is in even greater demand. This is due to the safety considerations and state by state guidelines needed to move heavy haul freight.

 This driver shortage is being solved.

As our economy strengthens and industry demand increases the search to find qualified drivers is exhausting. The industry is reporting a shortage of over fifty thousand drivers. This driver shortage is being solved so that our daily lives are not impacted. Its critical that we act now. So that these driver and technician shortages do not affect our daily lives.

Factually there are many options available for drivers. The many job opportunities available in the transportation industry offer competitive salaries. Included are the necessary training needed to start and fulfil a new career. These jobs offer great starting salaries and benefits.

Education begins early in high school

In some state’s education begins early in high school. They talk about training programs and student opportunities. Students study these options after graduation. By planting these seeds early, it benefits the industry. So by fulfilling the pipeline it offers great career choices for the student.

Besides actual driving opportunities there are technical and support opportunities available. The need for a skilled and adaptable workforce needs to be available and attractive to the younger workforce. These jobs require the ability to operate heavy equipment.  A strong level of self-discipline, excellent work ethic, and personal responsibility is mandatory. Loyalty and personal values can really reap dividends in a transportation career.

Oversized Loads Shipping

To know how important a person’s contribution is to the community and country is very rewarding in the heavy haul transporting industry. This is quite contrary to the unfair stigma associated with truck drivers in the past.

Correcting the miss-guided image of truck drivers

Correcting the miss-guided image of truck drivers as these forward-thinking programs progress is essential. The future strengthening of the industry and America itself is in jeopardy. Remember when traveling, that the trucks you pass by on the highway or in transit are needed. Moving an oversized load is essential to everything we take for granted when building our countries infrastructure. The products on the shelves of our stores and the packages delivered to our doors are dependent on trrasportation.