5 Axle Climate Control-Heavy Haul Transporters


Shippers that are searching for flatbed shipping companies near me that require strict climate control environments for their load when being transported can find a solution with Heavy Haul Transporting a division of Flatbed Hauling Quotes. We offer climate-controlled transport services for standard loads and for cargo that may require heavy haul transporters.


Our trailers are outfitted with features that can monitor temperature and humidity inside of the trailer. These trailers utilize the latest advancements in technology to create exact specific climate conditions as specified by the cargo’s requirements. This greatly and certainly reduces the chance for irreparable damage to your cargo. We take every precaution to make sure your climate-sensitive cargo is safe when being transported by Heavy Haul Transporting one of the most reliable heavy haul trucking companies in the nation.


Artwork, food, wine collections, prototypes, government projects for defence, the pharmaceutical and life science niches are some of the examples of cargo that require climate control shipping. When searching for flatbed trucking near me Flatbed Hauling Quotes will take every precaution to handle your climate-controlled cargo efficiently and safely. We have trailers with large access entry for the most delicate and sophisticated cargo. Air ride trailers feature lift gates that can handle and aid in the logistics of heavier loads. Each of our units has the capability of tracking environmental conditions and the ability to provide verification print outs to monitor closely engineered tolerances, especially for artwork and electronics.


Flatbed heavy companies near me feature Flatbed Hauling Quotes and Heavy Haul Transporting that will provide a free quotation to move your sensitive cargo. We have locations in our network of carriers across the United States.