Shippers Questions for A Transportation Company

Asking Freight Shipping Companies a few basic questions can help. So, you make the right choice and save a lot of time and money.  At the same time look for that right company that can help you manage your shipping lanes safely. To do this efficiently and timely can prove to be quite a task. A few of these must questions will help you separate the men from the boys. And if they are claiming to be experts in Flatbed Logistics. Ask these points before entering into an agreement.

heavy haulm freight
over dimensional freight

How many years have you been moving heavy haul freight?

Shippers Questions for A Transportation Company:

Before you start courting a brokerage use the internet to start a background search. Most importantly you would be surprised on just what you can find out in just a couple of hours. Look for motor carrier registrations, insurance, accounts payable health and any law suits liens or complaints filed against them. Social Media is a good tool to flesh out their viability. Be cautious of startups and look for a reputable company.  At the very least find one that has over a 10-year track record of doing business moving over dimensional freight.

How healthy and vast are your companies’ resources?

Consider the number and types of equipment that the company has in inventory. The number of employees that maintain all facets of the business is equally important. How long have they been employed? Ask about the last few years gross revenue. Because the more you know about the company the better you will feel about entering a sound longer-term relationship. Ask the lead executives what their forecast projections are. Compare those findings with the national projection. Transportation is expected to almost double in the next seven years.

What is your capacity and inventory of equipment?

This is difficult today with the nationwide shortage of professional carriers. This is leaving some brokers to scramble to find the best carriers in their network. Make sure the broker you choose has thousands of capable resources in their network. Because with the right equipment and competitive prices your cargo will move faster and safer. Freight Shipping Companies should be able to show that they have consistent resources and equipment available in all regions nationwide.

How well do you get along with your heavy haul freight customers?

The carriers that have a fluid relationship with their clients seamlessly handle their freight movements. Almost as if they were part of the company. They should be an extension of the logistical management. These carriers usually answer your requests twenty-four/ seven. Seek a company that has a single point of contact that can therefore delegate and execute your requirements. You don’t want them to pass the buck.

Tell me about your staff.

The management staff may well be the most important factor that you want to feel comfortable with. Besides that, they should be able to field your concerns efficiently and politely no matter how difficult the requirement. Most importantly seasoned brokers and support staff are key. Are they able to call on the specialists that are needed from time to time when moving over dimensional freight?

If you find a heavy haul freight company that will grow with you as a long-term partner, keep them. They should accent your business and exceed your expectations. If they do you found the best solution to move your freight consistently, economically and safely from origin to destination.