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Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc.

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NEED Help? Call
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Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc. Colorado can cater to all your transportation needs with oversized equipment!

Colorado is on the map and its exports are one of the major reasons for it. Those boneless beef cuts and aircrafts are major exports of the state. There needs to be a strong and developed shipping infrastructure for the ease of the operation. It’s better that you choose the best in the business instead of opting for amateurs.


Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc. has worked hard to achieve the title of the number one. We are a flatbed trucking company that offers oversized trucking in Colorado, but that’s not the only area we cater to. We aim to serve other regions of the United States and Canada. HHT provides them with efficient services that can help advance their business.
We have 30,000+ trucks in our fleet and can offer the best rates ever. Request a quote!

Designed for You and Tailored to Meet Your Particular Needs

At Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc. we take your problems seriously devising customized shipping plans for transportation. These shipping and other logistics challenges overcome hurdles for manufacturers and businesses. Fortunately, our expert services help you with these challenges and gain an edge in the market.
We are a completely reliable choice tracking your load in real-time with you. As the shipping moves to its destination, you can keep an eye on the load. We ensure it makes progress in real time.
Keeping your schedules in mind, we design our agendas to suit your business needs. Here are a few services that ensure you never have to worry about your shipping concerns again.
  • RGNs,
  • Lowboy Flatbeds,
  • Oversized flatbeds
  • Transport with step deck
  • Multiple warehouse options

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Work with us, strengthen your logistics and let your business flourish! Reach out to us today!