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Do you want to transport your goods and equipment in a timely manner? Does your equipment not meet standard trailer sizes? Do you want expert advice on improving your logistics and supply chain? Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc., is a leading name in the industry and available at your service. We offer customized heavy haul transportation services Georgia and can easily meet your diversified, complex and unique shipping needs.

Heavy Haul Transportation services Georgia, oversized trucking in Georgia


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We’re industrial experts who can move any and every kind of fleet regardless of the industry it belongs to. Since our network is spread across the US, Canada and Mexico, we can transport your cargo to simply any destination in the country and beyond. We offer solutions for several different industries such as mining, oil and gas, agriculture, construction, manufacturing and energy. Whether your business falls in these industries or belongs to another sector, we can assure that your equipment reaches its final destination in excellent condition and at the scheduled time.


Overcome the Challenges


Oversized trucking in Georgia is filled with a number of challenges. Work with us to eliminate all of these!


Trailer Procurement – Heavy loads should be shipped on a truck trailer that has 7 axles at minimum. You may require a heavier trailer if your equipment is bigger.


Loading and Unloading – Cargo must be loaded and unloaded such that damage can be prevented. At HHT, we have the necessary lifting equipment.


Permits – Shipping and transportation regulations vary from state to state. In any case, you’ll require permits, which we’ll easily obtain on your behalf.


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