We are a full service transportation provider specializing in oversized trucking in Idaho

Heavy Haul Transportation Services in Idaho, Oversized Trucking in Idaho

Being an exporter of cattle and dairy products, Idaho is forever in need of specialized shipping solutions. Unless the resources are available, the state’s export industry can very well dwindle and die. That’s why oversized trucking in Idaho is a business that most businesses rely on for a successful venture.


At Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc., we make sure that the specific shipping needs of your business are catered to and we keep the highest set of standards of the industry in mind. We have the potential and the resources to be your complete logistics partner that offers customized shipping services.



With a comprehensive vehicle fleet, our business ensures that the quality of your cargo remains intact and none of the adverse environmental effects damage your cargo in any way. We operate across the United States and our network also expands to the neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico. The widespread outreach allows us to provide quality and timely heavy haul transportation services in Idaho to meet the specific shipping needs of your business.


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Why Work With Us?


Our pool of clientele trusts us and the reason is the plethora of features that we provide for their assistance. The bond of trust that binds us to our customers enables us to provide customized solutions. We entrust your cargo with our skilled team to ensure that the specifics of your order are always prioritized.


Shipping Options


By offering businesses a choice of shipping options, we provide quality heavy haul transportation services in Idaho. In order to ensure that your business doesn’t come across any travel issues, we offer RGNs, Road trains, Deck trailers, Straight trucks, Air ride flatbeds and more!


Our affordable options, quality services and timely delivery ensure that you have nothing to worry about. Get in touch with us for more information and ensure business growth!