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Heavy Haul Transporting Inc is a leading name in the industry offering transportation and shipping services in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Thanks to our advanced fleet and experienced team, we can meet all your logistics needs, ensuring that your oversized equipment is delivered timely and safely.

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Our Equipment


We use a state-of-the-art fleet and carriers for transporting your goods. Our trailers can easily carry your uniquely shaped, oversized, and overweight equipment to simply anywhere you want in the country and beyond the borders in Canada and Mexico.


  • RGN – If your load is oversized, we’ll use RGN for the purpose because they can easily accommodate greater weights and larger sizes.


  • Drop Deck – These trailers are recommended for freight and have a greater height than the standard.


  • Stretch Trailer – Stretch trailers have all the advantages of flatbed trailers, and are our choice when the roads are extra long, or freight is not common.


  • Double Drop Trailer – We recommend double drop trailers to our clients when their loads are uniquely shaped, and have a height less than 11 ft and 6 in.


  • Platform Trailer – Platform trailers are preferable because they’re lightweight and have greater steering angles. Our fleet includes both hydraulic and dual lane trailers.


  • Our Industries


  • Aggregate and Batch Plant – Trust our skilled drivers to transport batch plant equipment such as bag houses, silos and hoppers well in time so that your crew can initiate the project without any delays.


  • Industrial – We offer diversified heavy haul transportation services in Maryland for transporting industrial equipment.


  • Oil and Gas – Equipment such as skids, heat exchangers, and vessels must be shipped in an expert manner to prevent damage.


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