Heavy Haul Transportation Services Oregon, Oversized Trucking in Oregon
Big rig powerful heavy-duty semi truck tractor transporting oversized empty step down semi trailer.

Heavy Haul Transporting Inc is here to handle all your transportation needs with their timely shipping services!


Heavy Haul Transporting Inc is the most reliable trucking company, offering heavy haul, over-dimensional and oversized trucking in Oregon. Our services do not just extend to the United States. We also deliver to Mexico and Canada.





Heavy haul transportation services in Oregon can help your business grow by transporting your heavy equipment safely and in a timely manner. We guarantee complete safety of your cargo and allow real-time trailer tracking of your cargo. You can check the status of your delivery by tracking every move of our trailer from destination to destination. You can definitely rely on us if you’re looking for oversized trucking in Oregon… We’ll leave you satisfied!


With 30,000 plus fleet on board, heavy haul transporting services Oregon guarantees to deliver and handle your cargo with complete safety!


Customized Plans to Meet Your Logistics Needs

For producers and companies, the shipping, transportation and other logistics difficulties often generate hurdles. But by choosing our high-quality facilities of over-sized trucking in Oregon, you can eliminate all of these problems in one go.


Moreover, Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc. offers a range of heavy haul trucking solutions for your transport and shipping requirements in Oregon. Whether we’re picking up your load or dropping off your parcels, we promise to deliver your cargo timely and safely.


The following are some of the services that we offer:

• Oversized flatbeds
• RGNs
• Lowboy flatbeds
• Multiple warehouse options (usually on demand)
• Transport with step deck
• Road tracking


If you want to strengthen your logistics for business growth opportunities, choose Heavy Haul Transportation, Inc. for all your shipping needs! Reach out to us today!