Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc. is the ultimate solution for all your needs related to oversized trucking in Vermont!

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Heavy Haul Transporting Inc. is a well-reputed name in the shipping sector. Our company is always available to provide the most reliable and efficient services for oversized trucking in Vermont. Furthermore, we provide timely shipping services throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.






Heavy haul transportation services in Vermont provides its clients with the following services:

Heavy Haul Transportation Services

We’re your most trustworthy choice for your shipping needs in case you’re searching for a reliable transportation service company in Vermont. Now you can ship your merchandise across Canada and Mexico as well with our top quality heavy haul transportation services in Vermont. We will ensure that your shipment arrives safely, timely and securely.


Step Deck Trucking Services

If your freight does not fulfill the prerequisites of a conventional flatbed, you can opt for step deck trucking in Vermont through heavy haul transport facilities. Vermont’s heavy shipping facilities include trailers, compact slopes and other essential characteristics. Whatever your requirements may be, note that we do not find any shipping work too hard to complete.


Flatbed Trucking Services

Do you worry about shipping heavy equipment in Vermont? Well, now you don’t have to! Heavy Haul Transportation, Inc. can reliably and securely transport your flatbed shipment even across the borders.


Industries That We Serve


We offer our services to several industries.


Some of them are the following:



One of the main sectors that we serve is the agriculture sector. Whether you need to ship finished goods or equipment, we are available to help you.



For the aviation sector, shipping needs adequate scheduling. We have the right strategies and assets to serve you, whether you are a company owner, temporary worker, or an airport client.

We guarantee top-notch services to our clients. Give us a call for further details on oversized trucking in Vermont!