Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me Require Pilot Vehicles?

Transporting any oversized item on roadways can be a challenging feat that requires plenty of preparation. In addition to requiring special permits, heavy haul trucking companies near me may need to use pilot vehicles when transporting heavy haul freight.  Let’s look at these pilot vehicles in more detail and how they are used.


Thirty six states require oversized vehicles to be accompanied by a pilot vehicle.

What is a Pilot Vehicle?


“Pilot vehicle” is a special term that refers to vehicles that accompany trucks or other vehicles transporting oversized loads on roadways.


In the United States vehicles that are over 13 feet in width must be accompanied by a pilot vehicle in front when operating on roadways. Vehicles that are over 14 feet 6 inches in height require high pole escort pilot vehicles.


Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me Require Pilot Vehicles?


What Are the Requirements for a Pilot Vehicle?


Heavy haul trucking companies in the United States are generally aware of the various requirements for pilot vehicles in each state. However, these requirements can be less strict than in other states. Some states do not require pilot car drivers to possess a pilot escort certification.


There is also no requirement for vehicles to qualify as “pilot vehicles”. This means you can use any vehicle as long as it is accompanying the truck transporting the heavy haul freight safely.


Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies near Me  Provide Pilot Vehicles?


You may be wondering if heavy haul trucking companies in the United States provide their own pilot vehicles during transportation. The answer is yes in most cases. These companies understand the importance of using pilot vehicles during each transportation job and work to provide the vehicles necessary.


Some individuals or businesses may prefer using their own vehicles as pilot vehicles. However, heavy haul trucking companies near me provide vehicles that are equipped with the right equipment to accompany your oversized item safely. In addition to this, they provide pilot vehicle drivers who are aware of different operating conditions. This includes:


Approved transportation times and restrictions.

The size of roads the truck will be passing through.

The oversized item’s dimension and weight.


Each of the conditions mentioned above affects the overall transportation process, so it is vital to use a driver who is up-to-speed with them.


Why Choose Heavy Haul Transporting?


Individuals or businesses who wish to transport oversized cargo in a safe and efficient manner should get in touch with Heavy Haul Transporting. We have completed numerous oversized cargo shipments for our clients in the United States. You won’t find many other heavy haul trucking companies who match our service quality.


We also use legally compliant pilot vehicles along with qualified pilot vehicles for each order. Please get in touch with us to learn more about how we make the heavy haul transportation process quick and easy for you.



What Are the Top Priorities for Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Orlando, FL

Heavy haul trucking companies in Orlando, FL are important for various businesses in the state. These companies transport oversized items from one location to the next safely and efficiently. They encounter many challenges with each delivery, but they overcome them with the right preparation and planning. You may be wondering what the top priorities for these companies are.


Heavy haul shipping companies must follow local laws regarding the transportation of oversized items in the state.


Let’s take a closer look at the main priorities for heavy haul trucking companies in Orlando, FL, and why they are important for equipment transport.


1.      Safety


The notion of “safety first” rings especially true for companies that transport oversized items on roadways. Delivering over-dimensional or overweight loads across long distances is not an easy feat. There are always dangers during the loading, delivery, and unloading process. However, heavy haul trucking companies in Orlando, FL prioritize the safety of their staff and cargo at all times.


They do this by inspecting or monitoring the cargo before and during the equipment movers shipping process. They also train their staff on how to react when faced with dangers or accidents.


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Tips Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Los Angeles, CA; Should Use to Maximize Efficiency

The heavy hauling services business is one that’s full of delays and errors due to the nature of work. There are various aspects that heavy haulers and over dimensional trucking companies near me must take care of, including unexpected ones.


Thus, completing projects within deadlines can be a challenge for most heavy haul trucking companies in Los Angeles, CA, and understandably so.


That said, if you provide heavy haul services, there are some tips you could use to maximize efficiency. Better efficiency on your part can help improve customer loyalty through reliability, which can help your business grow over time. Here’s what you should do.


over dimensional trucking companies near me


Follow a Strict Schedule


Staying organized in your work operations is an essential step to maximizing business efficiency. Thus, you must also ensure that you follow your work schedule diligently. Team leaders must assign tasks to each team member well before each project. This way, the team can schedule their work beforehand to account for unexpected hiccups along the way.


Heavy haul trucking and over dimensional trucking companies near me in Los Angeles, CA, have to account for paperwork problems, delays due to roadblocks, gridlock traffic, or random accidents on the road. Thus, sticking to a strict schedule will help your team complete projects on time, even if any of these issues surface.


Use the Correct Trailers for Different Equipment


The correct equipment will get the job done faster and with the least amount of hiccups. The same goes for trailers as well. Different axle configurations will make it necessary to use certain trailers for transporting specific equipment. Here’s a quick overview of what to keep in mind.


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Increased Demand for Flatbed Shipping Companies, Why?

Currently, oversize freight shipping has experienced a substantial increase in demand. Trucking companies have had to postpone shipping loads resulting in much slower than normal performance. Even though other areas of freight transportation have leveled out and, in some instances declined, this growth for flatbed freight subsists.


This upswing trend in flatbed shipping demand can be explained in a few different ways but first, we should focus on why a shipper would choose flatbed shipping over other transporting opportunities.


Heavy Haul Transportation


Flatbed trucking companies offer four major shipping methods: ground, rail, ocean, and air. Not all these flatbeds are what you might be used to seeing on the interstates. Other forms include refrigerated flatbeds, trailers, train cars and many more.


When loads are bulky and too difficult to move or lift without the aid of heavy machinery, that’s when flatbeds are the transportation choice. These flatbeds offer the most versatility for flatbed shipping companies when moving construction supplies like wood, steel, and masonry.


Stored supplies and goods at times can be difficult to access and hard to retrieve using normal means and therefore flatbeds offer the only options to difficult logistics. Now that we have an idea of what flatbeds can be used for, let us investigate the reasons why demand is spiking for standard and heavy haul trucking services.


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4 Convincing Reasons for Hiring Flatbed Heavy Haul Companies

4 Convincing Reasons for Hiring Flatbed Heavy Haul CompaniesLooking for a reliable option for transporting huge machinery and other heavy objects?


This is where flatbed heavy haul companies come in.


What Are Flatbed Trucks?


You must have seen large trucks on the highway with ample open space on all sides. They are called flatbed trucks. They are usually used for transporting heavy, massive machines and objects that don’t fit into regular vehicles, including construction equipment, large cargo pieces, industrial equipment, and automobile.


If you are looking for a safe and reliable transportation solution for heavy pieces of freight, you should consider contacting flatbed heavy haul companies.


Below are the top four benefits of working with professionals.


1.    Hassle-Free Loading and Unloading


One of your biggest concerns should be ensuring the safety of your goods while loading and unloading the freight. Easy loading and unloading is one of the reasons why people prefer flatbed trucks over conventional and dry vehicles.


Conventional trucks often have enclosed space, which might work well for moving furniture but not so much with over-dimensional freight. When you hire a flatbed shipping company, you can expect easy, safe, and convenient loading of your cargo. Thanks to the open, extended trailers, the freight can be forklifted or unloaded from any side.



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