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Heavy equipment transportation can be tricky if you’re just starting out in this area. This is why finding the answers to the right questions is important. Without this information, you’re more likely to make mistakes or pick the wrong shipping services.   To help you out, we’re taking the time to answer some of the top FAQs about heavy equipment transportation here:   Trucks in a parking lot  

1.     Does Shipment Insurance Matter?

Yes, it does. Shipment insurance is in place to safeguard the goods in the event of an accident. There is no 100% guarantee that accidents in heavy equipment transportation won’t happen. That’s why you should work with a company that offers shipment insurance. It ensures that the loss of money caused by the damaged good is compensated. However, pay attention to the coverage – different companies have different insurance coverage plans.    

Top 8 FAQs about Heavy Equipment Transportation


2.     Does Shipment Weight Matter?

The weight of your shipment impacts the kind of heavy equipment transportation services you will need. It also ensures that you’re able to avoid any fines or issues.  

3.     How is Shipment Weight Monitored?

Shipment weight is monitored by various Federal, state and local government regulations. Based on these regulations, heavy equipment transportation is not allowed for shipments that exceed the weight of 80,000 per gross of the vehicle weight. Seasonal restrictions are also applicable to shipment weight as well.  

4.     What Does Shipment Overload Mean?

Shipment overload is a simple term that means that the weight of the shipment is greater than what the vehicle can hold. Loads that exceed vehicle capacity are susceptible to damage and fines from the concerned authorities. It’s necessary to make sure that your shipments are not overloaded.  

5.     What Kind of Permits Do I Need for Shipment?

Special permits needed for heavy equipment transportation can vary based on each state. Unfortunately, each state can have its own requirements. A good idea is to consider the route you will be sending the shipment on. You can then map out which states the shipment will be going to. Then, all you need to do is get permits for shipping in those states, according to the state regulations.  

6.     Where Can I Get Information for Permits?

This can be a complicated task but many shipping companies also offer help in this area. A good place to start can be the Specialized Carrier and Rigging Association (SCRA). They have a lot of information available for anyone getting permits for heavy equipment transportation.  

7.     In What Scenario Do I Need a Permit for Shipment?

Normally, a permit should always be acquired before the shipment is sent for transportation. As a general rule, any shipment that exceeds the 80,000 pounds weight limit is going to need permits before transportation. For these permits, you have to consider state jurisdiction and the different requirements of each jurisdiction.  

8.     When Should I apply for a Shipment Permit?

Getting permits can be a task that takes some time. Make sure you start the process at least a week or two before shipment can begin to ensure that there are no delays.   With the help of these answers, you should have no problems in getting the right heavy equipment transportation and shipping services.