Trans-Eurasian belt development project

Russia has proposed to build the Trans-Eurasian belt development project a road stretching all the way from London to New York. It will go thru the entire country of Russia in the process. It really is what you would call a “superhighway”. The idea for the project has garnered lots of support, although some oppose it as well of course.

Trans-Eurasian belt development project

The Russian government dreams of this Superhighway. In total it would be 12,910 miles (20776 kilometers) in length. That is a serious amount of tarmac that needs to be mixed. On the route between London and New York, it would also connect other big cities including Moscow. Without a doubt, it is the greatest highway ever made and it goes by the name of, “Trans-Eurasian belt development project ”. The cost of the project would be around the $3trillion mark.

That is a huge amount of cash. According to authorities, this may be money well spent in the long-term. The mention of long-term cost does also bring up maintenance. It is one thing to build it, but what happens when potholes appear on the road or when people crash and emergency have to get there to help out. This will all cost money.

How would the cost compare to flying?

Opening the road may encourage some people and flatbed shipping business to change how they travel. With vehicles getting very economical now how would the cost compare to flying for somebody who wanted to get from one part of the route to another? Driving from London to New York may take a while, but it would sure be an adventure! If it is going to cost hundreds of dollars to do the route by plane, would it be cheaper in petrol or diesel bills? By driving you would have the convenience of leaving at a time you wanted to, with no waiting around at an airport.

Full-length from London to New York.

At this time there doesn’t seem to be details about whether there would be toll roads to pay for upkeep. If so this may increase the cost of traveling on it and move the favor back the way of planes. For those on an adventure it probably wouldn’t make much of a difference either way. For travelers, this could be like the next Route 66 – A famous stretch of road in America. I can imagine hiring a cool car and driving the full-length from London to New York would be an incredible effort. What do you think about the plans? Will they go ahead with it? And are they realistic and would it even be worth building? With an ever growing global population, we will need more transport options, is this sort of project the answer?