What Dangers Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Houston, TX Face?

Transporting oversized loads can be a dangerous job for just about anyone. Heavy haul trucking companies in Houston, TX face numerous dangers during each shipment job. Let’s examine some of these dangers and how heavy haulers typically overcome them.


Heavier loads mean longer stopping distances.


Stopping Distance


Heavy hauling trucks are massive vehicles that weigh tens of thousands of pounds. When carrying oversize loads, the total weight may exceed 80,000 pounds regularly. Getting such a vehicle up to speed requires plenty of engine power. However, slowing down or stopping these vehicles can be just as challenging for heavy haul trucking companies in Houston, TX.


The stopping distance for a truck carrying an oversized load can be much greater than that of an ordinary passenger vehicle. In fact, it is believed that every 20,000 pounds added on top of the 80,000-pound vehicle load increases stopping distance by a whopping 25%.


Heavy haul trucking companies in Houston, TX often get around such dangers by training their drivers to anticipate this greater stopping distance, and by maintaining a suitable distance between their truck and the vehicles in front of them.



What Dangers Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Houston, TX Face?


Clearance Problems


Oversized loads aren’t just heavier and wider than ordinary loads. They may also be taller in size. In Texas, a load is considered oversized if it is taller than 8 feet and 6 inches. This height may not appear very tall at first. However, you should consider that such loads may cause clearance issues in tunnels or under bridges.


Clearance problems have led to numerous heavy haul trucking accidents around the world. Heavy haul trucking companies in Houston, TX usually get around clearance problems by planning delivery routes beforehand and ensuring their load can safely fit through tunnels or under bridges.




Heavy haul trucking companies in Houston, TX may also deal with accidents from time to time. These accidents may be caused by blown tires or “jackknifing”, or any number of other causes. Drivers can reduce the likelihood of blown tire accidents occurring by checking their tire pressure beforehand and ensuring they are within an acceptable range.


Jack-knife crashes occur when the truck’s cab portion and trailer portion fold together, which causes the driver to lose control of the truck. Heavy haul trucking companies in Houston, TX can reduce the frequency of jack-knife crashes by monitoring their trailers regularly during transportation, and by braking slowly.


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