What to Expect with Over Dimensional Freight

Do you want to move over-dimensional fright but are clueless about what to expect and where to start? First of all, you are not alone. Transporting freight can be tricky, especially if you are doing it for the first time. This is particularly true for over-dimensional freight shipments, which often require special permits and have multiple other legal requirements.


What is Over Dimensional Freight?


It is important to know what is over-dimensional fright in order to understand why it is treated differently and what you should expect when moving it from one place to another. Over dimensional freight refers to cargo that exceeds the standard size/dimensions set for each estate or province.


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All you need to know about over dimensional freight shipments



What to Expect with Over Dimensional Freight


Keep in mind that since different jurisdictions have different legal requirements regarding over-dimensional freight, you need to be extra vigilant while planning and preparing the over-dimensional shipment. Here are a few things that you should expect with over-dimensional freight.


1.     You Will Need Crew with Special Training and Licensing


Transporting over-dimensional fright can be a dangerous affair if the crew handling the cargo is not properly trained. Therefore, you may need to hire a crew with special training and licenses. In some cases, over-dimensional freight also requires special equipment to ensure safe and secure transportation.



2.     Over Dimensional Shipments Require Indirect Routes


Over dimensional freight is unlikely to be transported through normal routes. Since the cargo is massive, indirect routes are used to avoid traffic congestion. In some cases, particular routes are closed off for over-dimensional shipments during specific hours of high traffic. These routes opted for safety reasons as well since all roads are not suitable for over-dimensional freight.


3.     Expect a Higher Cost for Transporting Over Dimensional Freight


Over dimensional freight is generally more costly to transport as compared to ordinary cargo. You will have to hire a special crew with additional qualifications or training. Plus, you may have to use special equipment to ensure safety. Owing to all these additional specifications associated with over-dimensional freight, over-dimensional freight rates are generally higher.


4.     Expect a Longer Transit Time for Over Dimensional Shipments


It generally takes longer to transport over-dimensional freight as compared to ordinary cargo. First, you need to avail special permits, which can take weeks and affect the overall time spent on planning and preparing the shipment. Secondly, indirect routes that are used for over-dimensional shipments are longer than direct routes. Finally, over-dimensional freight is often not permitted to travel during the night. All these factors work to increase the transit time spend on the road.


Hire the Right Heavy Haul Transportation Company for Over Dimensional Shipment!


It is usually trickier to set up an over-dimensional shipment because each state has different legal requirements that you must adhere to. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a competent and reliable heavy hauling transportation company to avoid any complication and ensure a stress-free transportation experience.