Why You Should Hire a Heavy Haul Company

Flatbed trucking companies play an essential role in maintaining supply chains across America. They are reliable for transporting large items across long distances safely; however, some items may be too large or heavy for normal shipping companies to transport.


Heavy haul companies are experienced with loading oversized freight.


These items could be transported using a heavy haul company instead. Most people outside of the trucking industry are unfamiliar with these companies and are hesitant to try their specialized services. So here are some reasons to use a heavy haul company to transport your oversized freight.


1.      Specialized vehicles


Items that are too large or too heavy to be transported on regular flatbed trailers will need to be transported using specialized heavy haul vehicles. Some of these trucks are built for towing heavy freight, while others feature stepped flatbeds for transporting tall items safely.


Why You Should Hire a Heavy Haul Company


An experienced heavy haul service will choose the right equipment for your delivery so that it reaches its destination with minimal problems. Larger heavy haul companies usually have access to a sizable fleet of heavy haul vehicles, so they may be your best bet for transporting oversized factory equipment across the state.


2.      Improved safety


Loading and unloading oversized freight can be a challenge for most trucking companies. In addition to having less experience with oversized items, these companies rarely possess the equipment needed to load oversized freight onto their trucks.

Heavy haul services on the other hand have plenty of experience moving oversized and overweight items. Their staff are trained to follow strict procedures for loading and unloading these items safely. They also possess equipment that is suitable for picking up heavy freight and placing it onto truck beds.


3.      Better insurance


Heavy haul companies are legally obligated to have a minimum of $100,000 worth of freight insurance on their policies. Other heavy haul service providers may even offer insurance up to $1 million.

These insurance policies will keep you covered if anything goes wrong during your delivery. You may also be able to apply for additional insurance by contacting your heavy haul company’s insurance provider. You will need to pay a fee for this added insurance, but it is typically a tiny fraction of the insurance coverage amount.

You shouldn’t risk the safety of your freight under any circumstances. So make sure to select a heavy haul service that offers good insurance coverage.


How do I choose the right heavy haul service?


Before selecting a heavy haul service to ship your oversized freight, you should research all the heavy haul companies in your area. Look out for businesses with access to a sizable fleet of vehicles, and plenty of industry experience to ensure that your oversized freight arrives in a safe and timely manner.