Women in Trucking Webinar

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Women in Trucking Webinar The Gender Impact in Trucking

Women in Trucking Webinar. The Gender Impact in Trucking: How to Recruit and Retain Women and the Data Behind It. Friday, April 17, 2019 1:00PM CT/ 10:00 AM PT REGISTER NOW. Studies show that women make for safer, more reliable flatbed truck drivers, accounting for fewer preventable accidents. Because they stay on the job longer driving more miles per month than their male counterparts.  So join Women in flatbed Trucking’s complimentary webinar to learn the critical event data behind gender differences.

How to effectively recruit and retain women

How to effectively recruit and retain women in trucking. Data and fleet human resource experts will cover: Benefits of hiring and retaining women in flatbed trucking. Gender differences in critical events and dwell time scenarios. How non-binary gender identity impacts these findings, based on new data. Steps fleets are taking to make the trucking industry comfortable for women.

The objective for attendees of this webinar is to better understand the risk management process. Five steps target how these risk managers are applied to Cyber risks. This dynamic ever changing exposure is shared in presentations of stories and examples. It is sure to be informative and interesting.