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Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc.

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Welcome to Heavy Haul Transporting, a division of Flatbed Hauling Quotes Inc. We specialize in transporting heavy and oversized equipment all over the United States and Canada. As one of the North America’s top heavy haulers, Heavy Haul Transporting is the best choice when you’re looking for reliable heavy haulers near you.

Need heavy equipment hauling? Look no further! We offer competitive rates and exceptional service. Whether you’re searching for heavy haul companies nearby your zip code, or want to know heavy equipment hauling rates, or need an oversized load hauler, we’ve got you covered.

At Heavy Haul Transporting, we understand the importance of reliable freight companies. That’s why we provide professional heavy equipment hauling services to ensure your equipment arrives safely and on time.

In need of lowboy services for your oversized equipment? Look no further! Heavy Haul Transporting offers efficient and affordable solutions for your oversized equipment transportation needs.

Contact Heavy Haul Transporting today for an estimate on your equipment shipping cost. Trust us to handle your heavy haul needs with professionalism and expertise.

Quality Heavy Haulers In Our Professional Asset Based Fleet, Guaranteed Lowest Rates Available

Flatbeds, Step Decks, Double Drops, RGN's and Dolly Trailers

Our Services

Heavy Haul Transporting Equipment Haulers is a division of Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc. We handle all the heavy haulers transporting and logistics for all flatbed oversized and overweight freight. If you need to haul from one point to another like machinery, towers, turbines, tanks or aircrafts. Call the flatbed heavy haul experts today.

  • Max duty trailers by Faymonville and Trail King
  • XL Specialized trailers
  • Perimeter style trailers
  • Extendable double drop deck trailers
  • Removable gooseneck (RGN) trailers
  • Step Deck Trailers
  • Flat level deck, dropside, or rail deck
We specialize in the most complex nationwide heavy equipment transport from the simplest forms of straight flatbed cargo to the most complex, using custom and specialized heavy haul transport trailers designed by the leaders in maximum duty trailers. Service and logistic teams are readily available serving the United States and Canada.

Heavy Haul Transporting Equipment Haulers is the specialty wing of Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc., and an experienced seasoned leader in moving highly customized over dimensional shipping loads throughout the United States and Canada. Some projects include 60 or more trailer loads of heavy haul equipment and machinery using specialized transport equipment requiring timely logistics.

If you require heavy equipment transportation from a dedicated team, contact us at Heavy Haul Transporting. We will follow up with a competitive quote featuring logistic benchmarks and outlined safety measures. Submit a detailed quote form and load images and any other documents needed before calling. This will speed up the quotation process for both of us. As soon as we have the details parsed, we will contact you with a budget for your project.

Our reputation has been built on years of experienced seasoned professionals that pay attention to every detail as a leading heavy equipment transporter. We are thorough, safe and on schedule. When you require this level of expertise from a heavy equipment, or an oversize heavy hauler, Heavy Haul Transporting is a solid choice. Contact us by phone (844)337-4909 or please prefill out a quote form inclusive of photos and any engineering documents needed.

Heavy Haul Transporters Equipment haulers Completed A move for an Oil Rig to Geothermal Conversion. Need Help, Ask the Heavy Haulers in Nevada to Houston or anywhere in the U.S.

This was a project that consisted in 65 Truckloads from which well over 40 were oversized with a couple of Super Loads The whole job was completed in 3 weeks.
  • We had x2 90 Ton Cranes
  • x2 Pole Cars
  • x6 Riggers
It was for geothermal drilling to provide energy to the state of Nevada
  • As seen here arriving safely in Wichita after a one thousand mile journey is a B-1 Bomber. Delivery was meticulous taking a fair amount of planning thanks to a coordinated effort by Heavy Haul Transporting a Division of Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc.
  • The heavy equipment hauling team had to navigate twisting roads and tight turns often with steep inclines and declines due to the height and width of the B-1 Bomber fuselage. Requiring many experts in the engineering and heavy equipment hauling fields the transportation and unloading of the airframe was a complex equipment hauling move.
  • The extraordinary coordinating efforts of Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc. the parent company of Heavy Haul Transporting, loading the airframe in Arizona by the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG), moving it to Kansas by Berard and unloading at the NIAR facility by Belger Cartage all contributed to this successful team effort.
  • Heavy Haul Transporting is a heavy haul company that can move loads that are oversized or heavier than normal. As the leading United States and Canadian heavy equipment hauling company, we provide flatbed shipping and heavy hauler transportation services. We manage your load from pickup to delivery offering real-time logistics and depend on communicating efficiently and accurately with you and all the supporting teams. Our reputation is built on the experience of moving all different configurations of oversized flatbed loads and the ability to use all the heavy equipment trucking options available.
  • When you require the peace of mind and the expectations for scheduling and meeting timelines for these heavy hauls, and when precision logistics are mandatory; then contact Heavy Haul Transporting for a free flatbed shipping quote. Whether you call, fill out the handy online quote form, or chat with us; we will reach out quickly with the best solutions.
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heavy equipment transporter

Heavy Equipment Transporter

Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc. is a leading national heavy equipment transporter providing transportation services in the United States and Canada. Flatbed Hauling Quotes is also one of the most reliable heavy equipment transport companies offering real time logistics tracking as your load moves from point to point.

Flatbed Long Haul Trucking

Flatbed Long Haul Trucking

If your needs are for a dedicated flatbed shipping company or a flatbed long haul trucking service Flatbed Hauling Quotes will load and move your cargo on time every time and offer the most competitive flatbed freight rates available. 


Oversize Load Company

Oversize Load Company

If you’re looking for an oversize load company that will perform and execute consistently and reliably to federal and local transportation standards as well as your own company’s expectations, then contact us by phone or quote form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Soybean Extractor Equipment Haulers

Last month Heavy Haul Transporting a Division of Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc. moved a soybean extractor from the CD Corporations terminal on the Mississippi River in Winona MN to its destination at the CHS Oilseed Energy Processing plant in Fairmont MN. The extractor was initially moved from a location in Louisiana up the Mississippi River to the CD terminal.

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