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Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc.

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Advancing Heavy Haul Transportation through Innovative Equipment and Expertise

In the realm of heavy haul transportation, precision, innovation, and specialized equipment are paramount. HeavyHaulTransporting.Com stands at the forefront of this industry, utilizing a wide array of cutting-edge equipment to meet the diverse needs of clients seeking exceptional heavy hauler trucking services. Our commitment to excellence is amplified through our remarkable fleet, which includes 8 Holland Hydraulic Dollies, 26 Axle Lines of Drop Deck and Platform Trailers, an 85 Ton Double Gooseneck Lowboy, a 150 Ton Dual-lane Transporter, Dolly Transporters, a 200 Ton Dual-lane Transporter, and 300 Ton Lowboy Trailers.


One of our key strengths lies in our utilization of specialized equipment designed for various load capacities and dimensions. The 8 Holland Hydraulic Dollies play a pivotal role in our operations, enabling us to navigate tight spaces and challenging terrains with precision. Our fleet of 26 Axle Lines of Drop Deck and Platform Trailers offers unmatched versatility, allowing us to accommodate a wide range of loads, even those with unusual dimensions.


The 85 Ton Double Gooseneck Lowboy stands as a testament to our commitment to heavy haul transportation. With its robust design and exceptional load-bearing capacity, it ensures the secure transport of heavy machinery and oversized loads. Additionally, the 150 Ton Dual-lane Transporter, Dolly Transporters, 200 Ton Dual-lane Transporter, and 300 Ton Lowboy Trailers further expand our capabilities, allowing us to tackle the most demanding heavy haul projects with finesse.


As one of the leading heavy haul truck companies, we understand that the transportation of oversized loads demands specialized expertise. Our dedicated team of professionals possesses the knowledge and experience required to handle complex logistics and regulatory requirements. With our expertise in heavy hauler trucking, we ensure that each journey is meticulously planned and executed, minimizing disruptions and ensuring timely deliveries.


Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the mechanics of transportation. We pride ourselves on being Heavy Equipment movers who provide comprehensive solutions, including route optimization, load distribution, and adherence to safety protocols. Our proficiency in flatbed oversize trucking ensures that even the most challenging loads are transported securely and efficiently.


At HeavyHaulTransporting.Com, we are not just oversized load haulers; we are partners in overcoming transportation challenges. Our investment in advanced equipment and our dedication to continuous improvement reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services. Whether it’s heavy machinery hauling, construction equipment hauling, or other oversized loads hauling, we have the expertise and specialized equipment to exceed your expectations.


When you choose HeavyHaulTransporting.Com, you’re choosing a company that thrives on tackling complexity and providing innovative solutions. Our fleet of specialized equipment, combined with our experienced team, ensures that your heavy haul transportation needs are met with the highest level of professionalism and precision. Experience the pinnacle of heavy haul transportation—choose HeavyHaulTransporting.Com for all your heavy hauling requirements.


The dual-lane 200-ton heavy haulers transport trailer was designed and manufactured to haul dimensionally large loads safely over great distances. To do this the proper load distribution must be adhered to as determined by the load engineers.

With this trailer, adjustments can be made with minimal effort allowing your freight to always be secured and evenly distributed using our state-of-the-art axles, hydraulics, and a range of other accessories.
This trailer can expand to allow for heavy transport over bridges and with its exceptionally overweight and oversize shipping capabilities becomes the go-to trailer for heavy haul companies. Common heavy haul freight includes auto industry presses, large power generation turbines, and the most common transport movement; transformers.

Dual Lane 200 Ton Heavy Transport

Heavy Haul Transporting serves the United States and Canada and has the equipment, experience, and engineering ability to heavy transport virtually any over-dimensional or super heavy cargo over short or longer interstate deliveries.
Our equipment includes dual lane and multi-lane platforms featuring dolly and beam capabilities to meet each state’s bridge and interstate permitting requirements.
Your complex move is developed, designed and moved each step of the way by our skilled and experienced staff. Twenty-four-hour updates and security reports are standard when using our state of the art  GPS tracking systems.


Our heavy haul transportation equipment includes but is not limited to the following with many different deck sizes:
  • 8 Holland Hydraulic Dollies
  • 26 Axle Lines of Drop Deck and Platform Trailers
  • 85 Ton Double Gooseneck Lowboy
  • 150 Ton Dual-lane Transporter
  • Dolly Transporters
  • 200 Ton Dual-lane Transporter
  • 300 Ton Lowboy
Our fleet also includes many more flats, drop decks, stretchable decks and double drops.
Whether a super load, wide load, or a standard load we have the equipment and expertise to move it.
Fast heavy haul freight rates are for budgetary quotes. Ultimately final workups are ready from our diligent staff when it’s time to ship. The bottom line you get the pricing you need in short order.
To alleviate the anxiety with moving these overly complex loads we make sure that you have a single point of contact with our staff. Everything from real-time load tracking and explanations detailing all routes and travel restrictions are one contact and a phone call away.
Each move is accompanied by a customized plan of action with site and route surveys. Specifications and details are reviewed to determine the best piece of equipment to use and to establish an accurate and competitive price.
Our services are most importantly “Turn-Key” from the quote to the plan to the pickup and delivery we provide the following:
  • In-house Crane & Rigging Services
  • Complete Insurance Protection
  • Customized Scheduling
  • Air Transportation
  • Shipside Loading
  • Barge Service
  • Warehousing
  • Rail Service
  • Tarping