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Moving Crushers on a Flatbed Trailer: Tips, Equipment and Resources

Crushers are pieces of heavy construction equipment used to crush rocks and other materials into smaller pieces. As such, they are often large and bulky, making them difficult to move from one place to another. Fortunately, flatbed trailers can be used to transport large crushers safely and efficiently. In this blog, we provide tips for preparing a crusher for transport, selecting the right trailer for the job, loading a crusher onto a flatbed trailer, as well as resources that can help you find reliable flatbed shipping companies.

Preparing the Crusher for Transport

Before attempting to move a crusher on a flatbed trailer, it’s important to prepare it by taking certain safety precautions. This includes shutting down the crusher and disconnecting power sources before inspecting the machine for any damage or loose parts. Loose parts should be secured while any exposed machinery should be covered with suitable material. Additionally, it is important to clean the crusher of any debris or material that could cause damage during transport.

moving crushers on a flatbed trailer

Selecting a Flatbed Trailer

When transporting large crushers like roller or stone crushers, it is essential to select the right flatbed trailer for the job. Considerations include dimensions and weight of both the truck and trailer as well as whether there are special permits required for heavier loads. You may also want to consider renting specialized trailers designed specifically for hauling heavy-duty loads like industrial machinery such as those made by ThyssenKrupp or Williams rollers. 

Loading The Crusher Onto The Flatbed Trailer

The next step in moving a crusher using a flatbed trailer is loading it onto the trailer itself. The best way to do this is with lifting equipment so that you don’t have to manually lift or carry the machine yourself – potentially risking injury in the process. Once loaded onto the truck bed, make sure that all loose parts are fastened securely with straps or chains in order to prevent damage during transit.

Resources For Finding Reliable flatbed hauling companies

Finding reliable Heavy Haul Trucking can often be difficult but fortunately there are several resources available online that can help you find reputable companies specializing in services such as flatbed hauling and flatbed trucking companies near you, heavy haulers capable of moving oversized loads such as roller crushers, smooth roll roller crusher transport or double roll roller crushers across state lines – all at competitive rates! 


Different Types Of Crushers Hauled using flatbed hauling trucks

Roller Crusher

A roller crusher is a piece of heavy-duty machinery loaded with multiple uses. Utilized in industries such as mining and construction, this type of device can be used in various tasks, including secondary and tertiary crushing, as well as material shaping and sand making. It works by rolling two counter-rotating rollers around the materials that need to be crushed. As a result, materials are pushed into cavities located between the rollers, where they are fragmented due to their compression force.Roller crushers are flatbed heavy haulers with the advantage of electrically-powered operation. Their design enables secure and consistent power transmission from electric motors to the rolls thus allowing efficient size reduction. With low levels of vibration and noise production, these devices offer full security during daily operations. Roller crushers guarantee reliable performance due to their sophisticated design, making them a preferred choice among many users.

Roller crushers are ideal for heavy haulers near me who are looking to invest in increased productivity, improved cost savings, and reduced maintenance costs. These machines save time by quickly crushing large volumes of material at the source and reducing materials to a more manageable size. With their heavy-duty mining-grade design, roller crushers require minimal maintenance, reduce downtime for labor teams and make industrial heavy hauling simpler than ever before. Investing in a roller crusher is a great way to improve your business’s cost efficiency and productivity without needing additional employees or machinery.

Hammer Crusher

The Hammer Crusher is an extremely useful machine when it comes to crushing materials into smaller pieces. Its design allows for a large reduction ratio with minimum power consumption, making it highly efficient and cost-effective. This type of crusher can be used in mining, quarrying as well as in construction projects like road building and bridge construction.

The Hammer Crusher has become a top choice for flatbed heavy haul operations due to its unique operating principles and the safety advantages they offer compared to other crushers. By utilizing reduced contact with hard surfaces, the Hammer Crusher eliminates many of the risks inherent in traditional material size reduction devices. In addition, such principles are highly beneficial for industrial and commercial applications that require large-scale material reduction. With its combination of safety, reliability and efficiency, the Hammer Crusher makes an ideal option for flatbed heavy haul applications.

Stone Crusher

Stone crushers are an essential piece of a wide range of industrial applications across sectors such as construction, mining, and manufacturing. This multi-purpose machinery is capable of crushing large amounts of raw material into manageable pieces that can be further processed to create the desired construction materials. It can be moved around worksites on wheels or tracks while being powered by diesel engines or electric motors depending upon its size and output specifications. Stone crushers offer the convenience of minimizing manual labor costs due to their automation capabilities and capturing the least amount of dust during production. Their versatility makes them an ideal choice for industries dealing with rocky terrain.

Moving large equipment like crushers requires specialized knowledge and expertise which is why it’s important to trust experienced professionals when choosing someone who can safely and efficiently move them across long distances using appropriate transportation methods like flatbed trailers. If you need help transporting your delicate machinery visit Heavy Haul Transporting today – a leading provider of transportation services for industrial goods who has been delivering exceptional customer service!


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