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Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc.

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Heavy Haul Equipment

Using a 13-axle steerable dolly trailer can allow an indefinite length to be set for the cargo. This heavy haulers trailer is designed to move loads like towers, vessels, cold boxes, tanks, wind turbines, and items over 100 feet long. These trailers can be used for bunk work in combination with a jeep dolly.

Trail King has a new design that allows for superior maneuverability allowing for larger steering angles, moving in tighter corners and smoother steering options. This trailer is equipped with a remote wireless manual steer featuring an automated self-centering option.
Heavy Haul Transporting has access to these dolly trailers to handle these complex loads as part of our specialized fleet. A fuel tank, infrastructure component, heavy-duty transformer, cold box or whatever your heavy equipment transportation loads require; we can move it across the United States and in Canada. We have all the heavy haul equipment needed to safely move your load according to the engineered timeline and route logistics.

Heavy Haul Companies Steerable Dolly Trailer

Pharmaceutical industries as well as engineering, petrochemical, utility, aerospace, and others have trusted us to engineer and execute complicated transports of specially configured heavy haul and oversize flatbed shipping loads. We have an experienced team of project coordinators that map routing, develop a rigging plan, and secure the required permits needed for heavy equipment hauling.
When moving over-dimensional freight across the country specialized equipment and seasoned experience is a must. With Heavy Haul Transporting you will be able to access unlimited equipment inventories, rigging experience, DOT knowledge, regulations and permitting networks, and personal contacts with state and local officials. The bottom line, peace of mind and lower cost will be evident as we tap into our vast personal contacts.
This network of personal contacts when moving oversize hauling or any heavy haul loads through the many puzzling details of regulations, permitting, and overtaxed infrastructure challenges is our secret sauce. Heavy Haul Transporting is your better option to eliminate delays all around.

From dual-lane transporters to dolly trailer rigging systems and designed engineered and fabricated transportation systems, we have it all to meet the necessary regional industry standards. Most important deal with the owner Thomas J. Battiste. Eliminate the middleman and communicate directly with Tom.

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