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More than half a million trucking accidents occur in the US every single year. Heavy equipment hauling, thus, comes under one of the most dangerous professions out there. Hence, truckers, especially those that are getting on in years, need to adhere to safety precautions.     So here are 10 tips that can make heavy equipment hauling much safer.  

1.     Seatbelt First

  A 2013 study by the CDC showed that 1 in 6 truck drivers don’t wear seatbelts, which can cause a lot of preventable injuries. More than 40% of crash-related deaths can occur if the driver isn’t wearing a seatbelt. So wear your seatbelt to protect yourself.  

10 Safety Tips for Heavy Equipment Hauling


2.     No Texting or Calling

    Texting or calling while driving is a hazard on the roads. Truck drivers shouldn’t even be thinking about anything else when behind the wheel. Yet, truck drivers are 23 times more likely to crash as a result of texting while driving. That is unacceptable, and shouldn’t be a statistic worth mentioning at all. Don’t text or call while you’re driving, no matter how tempting it is, as heavy equipment hauling is no joke.  

3.     Adhere to the Speed Limit

    Stay within the speed limits assigned for heavy equipment hauling trucks, especially when you’re near cities. You’ll be safer on the road that way.  

4.     Don’t Drink or Do Drugs

    This is obviously a no brainer. Drinking or taking drugs, even legal ones, while driving, can be hazardous to your health and that of others. They both cause drowsiness, loss of consciousness, and lack of focus.  

5.     Plan the Route Properly

    Many unexpected events can occur on the road during heavy equipment hauling. You could run out of gas or blow a flat tire. Hence, you should plan your route to incorporate such unexpected things. With a plan, at least you’ll know who to call.  

6.     Mind the Space Cushion

  Your truck’s height and weight should dictate which route you take. Any bridge or flyover that you can’t clear is going to be a major problem. Not only will you delay the shipment, but you’ll definitely lose out on a lot of money.  

7.     Maintain a Good Stopping Distance

  Stopping distances can save you a lot of trouble with the police, the courts, and even a visit to the repair shop.  

8.     Approach Turns and Curves Slowly

  As with the space cushion, the weight of your truck can allow it to tip over if you’re not careful at turns. You should maintain a slow speed near turns and turn slowly.  

9.     Beware of the Weather

  Rain showers and snowfall can make roads slippery, especially for heavy equipment hauling. Heat can make you woozy, and excessive cold can freeze the fluids in your truck. You have to look at all of these factors to plan your route. Stay safe against the weather.  

10.   Maintain a Healthy Diet and Rest

  If you’re a truck driver, you need to keep up your strength and your focus. A healthy diet and bed rest is required for that.   Keeping track of these 10 safety precautions can help you avoid myriad accidents on the road. Make sure you pay close attention to all of them.