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Oversize load trucking companies transport freight and larger items that exceed the size limits set for typical loads. Special permits and routes are required for these shipments. Moreover, the oversize load trucking company you choose is responsible for keeping your cargo safe on the road.

  Oversize load trucking companies  

For all these reasons, it is important to hire the right company. Otherwise, you will not only end up with damaged cargo, but you may also get in trouble for inappropriate logistics. Scroll down to take a look at how to find the right oversize load trucking company to transport your cargo without any problems!  

A Guide to Hiring Oversize Load Trucking Companies


Step 1 – Check If the Company Acquire Permits

  Transporting oversized cargo requires special permissions. While you can apply for the required permits on your own, most reputable oversize load trucking companieswill help you acquire the permits. So, the first thing you should do is check if the company will acquire the permits for you. It is best to look for companies that take care of this detail or at least guide you on how to acquire the permits. Failing to check for these permits means putting your cargo and your workers at risk. Plus, you can end up in some serious legal troubles. Therefore, when you are hiring oversize load trucking companies, make sure you inquire about the permits you need.  

Step 2 – Make Sure that the Company Meets Compliance Standards

  What safety measures do they take? Are the workers dressed in proper safety attire? Do they follow special routes for the transportation of oversized cargo? Does the condition of their trucks meet the compliance standards? Ask all these questions to ensure you hire only the best oversize load trucking company.  

Step 3 – Inquire About Insurance

  Regardless of the type of load you are transporting, it is essential to have insurance in place. Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Therefore, take the time to inquire about the insurance policy of the oversized trucking company you choose. Opt for a company with insurance that not only covers the type of your cargo but also the weight of the shipment. Also, check if you have to provide insurance for your cargo as some oversize load trucking companies do not cover the cargo.    

Step 4 – Look for Door-to-Door Services

  You want your cargo to be delivered right where you want it – not somewhere at a far off location. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure that the company you are considering offers door-to-door services.  

Step 5 – Do Some Online Research

  Finally, do some online research about the company before signing them up for the job. Read client reviews to learn how they deal with their clients. A few minutes on the internet can tell you a lot about the quality of services offered by an oversize load trucking company!  

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  If you want to work with the best oversize load trucking company, then get in touch with Heavy Haul Transportation. We offer quality services, various fleet options, and timely deliveries. Work with us to enjoy all the benefits today. If you have any questions, call us today and let our team help you out.