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Flat Bed Trucks Near Me

Flatbed Trucks Near Me

Flat bed trucks near me have faced an exponential rise in demand over the past few years. Due to the specialized service, many industries are now hiring oversized transportation companies and heavy equipment haulers in Ohio to handle their heavy and large shipments.


Oversized flatbed companies use specialized vehicles for the transport of over-dimensional items. Flatbeds are not ordinary vehicles; they are much different from other trucks and trailers. A flatbed is an oversized, specially designed vehicle with no back, sides, or roof. Due to its shape and features, a flatbed truck is used to transport a range of items, which is why many people hire oversized flatbed companies. Here are the 4 most common uses of an oversized flatbed company.


1.      Transport of Construction Material


The construction industry is the biggest reason behind the high demand for heavy equipment moving companies. Construction on buildings and larger skyscrapers requires the transport of over-dimensional and oddly shaped items. These materials include Iron beams, large concrete pieces, steel frames, metal piping, etc.

All such materials cannot be transported in an ordinary vehicle. Hence, construction companies hire a heavy equipment transporter that can ship their material to and from a construction site through the times when a building is being constructed.


Flat bed trucks near me


2.      Removal of Scrap Material


Scrap material mostly includes large pieces of plastic and metal that cannot be transported in smaller cars or vehicles. Removal of such scarp material needs flatbed and oversized trucks. This is because it’s easier to load and unload oddly shaped scrap items on a flatbed Moreover, this scrap is also heavy, which most vehicles cannot handle, which is why transportation and dumping of scarp materials require oversized flatbed trucks near me.


3.      Transportation of Baled Tires


Baled tires are basically a large number of tires (usually around 100) compressed into a single uniform shape. Now you may think since these tires are compressed, they shouldn’t be heavy and should be transported using any vehicle; but that’s not true. Hundreds of tires are stockpiled to form one large shipment of baled tires.


Moreover, these tires are heavy and difficult to load and unload; they require a lot of care. This pile of baled tires is highly flammable and needs to be transported under hazardous materials. Hence, they require heavy duty truck shipping for their transport.


4.      Transport of Landscape Materials


Have you ever called a landscaping service and noticed what vehicle they bring along? If not, let us tell you. When people hire landscapers for property maintenance, they do not realize that the landscapers will require a large vehicle to transport material and equipment.


First, landscapers bring large equipment that needs a specialized vehicle for their transport to your property. Moreover, the removal of the bush, lumber, and large trees is also not possible without a flatbed truck. This is why oversized flatbed companies are hired to transport landscape material.


Are you looking for flatbed trucks near me to manage the transport of any of these materials mentioned above? Contact us today! We are a heavy hauling and flatbed trucking company with years of experience in the industry. You can easily trust us to handle your oversized load.