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Flatbed Heavy Haul: Expert Heavy Equipment Movers for Florida to New York Transport

If you are searching for flatbed shipping companies, flatbed hauling companies, or flatbed trucking companies for your heavy equipment transport needs from Florida to New York, look no further than Heavy Haul Transporting. As one of the leading heavy equipment movers and heavy equipment haulers in the industry, we have years of experience in providing reliable and professional flatbed heavy haul services to our valued clients. 


Our team of expert heavy haulers is equipped to handle any type of cargo, including oversized loads and equipment with specialized dimensions. We provide safe and efficient transportation solutions using our extended flatbed trailers, 4 axle trailers, extendable flatbed trailers, and dolly transporters to ensure that your equipment arrives at its destination safely and on time.


At Heavy Haul Transporting, we understand the importance of reliable transport services for your business. As such, we work closely with our clients to create tailored solutions that meet their unique needs and requirements. Whether you are seeking heavy equipment hauling near me or need trucking companies near me for your transportation needs, we are here to help.


With our team of expert heavy haulers and state-of-the-art equipment, we offer unparalleled heavy equipment transport services. Our professional and experienced drivers ensure that your equipment is loaded and secured correctly, preventing any damage during transit. We also provide oversized load hauling and steel hauling services to ensure that your equipment arrives safely and on time.


As one of the leading heavy equipment transportation companies, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction possible. That is why we offer 24/7 customer support and real-time tracking of your equipment to ensure that you are always aware of its location during transit.


Every day, Heavy Haul Transporting traverses the roads of Florida, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation. We operate on all four major interstate roadways within the state, allowing us to effectively serve our clients:

  • I-4: This interstate runs east to west, cutting through the middle of the state, between Tampa and Daytona Beach.
  • I-10: Spanning the top of Florida, I-10 runs from Alabama to Jacksonville, offering an east-west route across the state.
  • I-75: Stretching from the northern part of the state, I-75 travels southbound, passing through Naples before continuing westward to Miami.
  • I-95: Following the eastern coast of Florida, I-95 runs from north to south, connecting various cities and ultimately reaching Miami.

Similarly, Heavy Haul Transporting is an active participant on the highways of New York. The state features eight interstate highways that facilitate transportation:

  • I-81: Running north to south through Syracuse in the middle of the state, I-81 extends from Canada to Pennsylvania.
  • I-84: Extending east to west across the southeastern tip of New York, I-84 connects Pennsylvania to Connecticut.
  • I-86: This east-west interstate travels along the southern border of the state, linking Pennsylvania to I-87.
  • I-87: Spanning the eastern side of New York, I-87 runs north to south, connecting Canada to New Jersey.
  • I-88: Taking a diagonal route northeast across the middle of the state, I-88 stretches from I-81 near Binghamton to I-88 near Schenectady.
  • I-90: Crossing the northern portion of New York, I-90 runs east to west, connecting Canada to Massachusetts.
  • I-95: While only covering a short stretch in the eastern edge of the state, I-95 runs north to south, providing a crucial connection between Connecticut and New Jersey.

With our extensive experience and presence on these roadways, Heavy Haul Transporting ensures the seamless movement of goods and materials in both Florida and New York.


When it comes to transporting cargo from Florida to New York, rely on Heavy Haul Transporting for efficient and reliable services. We offer shipping solutions to any port along this route, ensuring seamless delivery. It’s important to note that not every driver has access to all ports, but with Heavy Haul Transporting, we will match your cargo with a qualified and professional operator who possesses the necessary expertise. Contact us today to avail affordable transport services for your construction equipment.


Heavy Haul Transporting collaborates with all major ports in Florida. With over a dozen ports situated along the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean, Florida holds a prominent position as one of the nation’s key shipping states. Some notable ports in Florida include Jaxport, located on the Atlantic Ocean along the Jacksonville River, Port Miami on the Atlantic Ocean along the Miami River, and Port Everglades, among others. Our extensive network allows us to facilitate transport to and from any of these ports, ensuring efficient and reliable service.


Similarly, Heavy Haul Transporting serves all ports in New York. The state boasts several major ports, including the Port of New York, situated on the Atlantic Ocean along the Hudson River. Other notable ports include the Port of Yonkers, Port of Albany, Port of Poughkeepsie, Port of Troy, Port of Catskill, Port of Newburgh, Port of Buffalo on the Niagara River, Port of Oswego on Lake Ontario, Port of Cape Vincent on the St. Lawrence River, and Port of Ogdensburg, also on the St. Lawrence River. Additionally, the Port of Rochester on the Genesee River is another significant port in the state. With our expertise and experience, Heavy Haul Transporting ensures the smooth transport of cargo to and from these ports, regardless of their location.


Choose Heavy Haul Transporting for your cargo shipping needs between Florida and New York, and experience reliable and professional transport services.


In conclusion, for all kinds of equipment hauling company needs from Florida to New York, Heavy Haul Transporting is your best choice. We are the go-to heavy hauler for freight haulers, heavy haulers near me, and all types of heavy equipment transportation companies. Contact us today at (844)337-4909 to schedule your flatbed heavy haul and experience world-class transportation services.