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Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc.

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Flatbed Heavy Haul Transport from Florida to Washington for transporting oversized loads

If you’re searching for reliable, safe, and affordable flatbed heavy haul transport from Florida to Washington, you don’t need to look any further than Heavy Haul Transporting. We specialize in providing top-notch transport solutions for construction equipment, heavy machinery, and oversized cargo across the country. 


As one of the leading flatbed shipping companies and flatbed hauling companies in the industry, Heavy Haul Transporting is equipped with the expertise and equipment necessary to handle any type of cargo shipped from Florida to Washington. From heavy equipment movers and heavy equipment haulers to heavy haulers and flatbed trucking companies, we’re dedicated to getting your machinery transported safely, securely, and on time. 


Our flatbed heavy haul transportation is tailored to meet your unique transportation needs. We understand the importance of having the right equipment and expertise when hauling heavy loads, and we go above and beyond to ensure your cargo is transported safely. Our team consists of experienced drivers who have the necessary skills and knowledge to haul all types of heavy machinery. We have a wide range of flatbed trailers, including step-decks, RGNs, and oversize load carriers, so you can rest assured your cargo will be transported using the right equipment. 


At Heavy Haul Transporting, we’re proud to be one of the most reliable equipment hauling companies in the industry. Whether you’re transporting construction materials, machinery, vehicles, freight, or cargo from Florida to Washington, we’ve got you covered. Our heavy equipment transporters are experienced in handling oversized equipment and multi-piece shipments, and we have the expertise necessary to ensure your shipments will reach their destination safely. 


When you choose Heavy Haul Transporting, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of finding reliable heavy haulers near me. We’re licensed and insured to transport cargo in every state in the country, so you can trust us to handle your shipment, no matter where it’s headed. Plus, our flatbed heavy haulers are equipped with cutting-edge technology to track and monitor your shipment, enabling us to provide you with real-time updates on your cargo’s location and estimated delivery time. 


For reliable transportation of cargo between Florida and Washington, Heavy Haul Transporting is your go-to choice. We offer shipping to various ports along this route, ensuring seamless delivery. Not every driver has access to all ports, but with Heavy Haul Transporting, we will match your cargo with a qualified and professional operator who has the necessary qualifications and expertise. Contact us today to avail of our affordable transport for your construction equipment.


Heavy Haul Transporting collaborates with all the major ports in Florida. With more than a dozen ports situated on the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean, Florida holds a significant position in the shipping industry. Some notable ports in Florida include Jaxport, located on the Atlantic Ocean along the Jacksonville River, Port Miami on the Atlantic Ocean along the Miami River, and Port Everglades, among others. Our comprehensive network allows us to facilitate transport to and from any of these ports, ensuring efficiency and reliability.


Similarly, Heavy Haul Transporting is equipped to handle equipment transfers to or from any port in Washington. The state boasts several busy ports, including the Port of Seattle on Eliot Bay, the Port of Tacoma on Puget Sound, and the Port of Olympia on the Deschutes River. Other notable ports in Washington include the Port of Bellingham, Port of Bremerton, Port of Everett, Port of Port Angeles, Port of Vancouver, Port Pasco on the Columbia River, and the Port of Clarkston on the Snake River. With our expertise and experience, Heavy Haul Transporting ensures the smooth transport of cargo to and from these ports, regardless of their location.


Choose Heavy Haul Transporting for your oversized shipping needs between Florida and Washington, and experience reliable and professional transportation.


Every day, Heavy Haul Transporting traverses the roads of Florida, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation. Our operations span all four major interstate roadways within the state, allowing us to effectively serve our clients:

  • I-4: This interstate runs east to west, cutting through the middle of the state, connecting Tampa and Daytona Beach.
  • I-10: Spanning the top of Florida, I-10 runs from Alabama to Jacksonville, offering an east-west route across the state.
  • I-75: Stretching from the northern part of the state, I-75 travels southbound, passing through Naples before continuing westward to Miami.
  • I-95: Following the eastern coast of Florida, I-95 runs from north to south, connecting various cities and ultimately reaching Miami.

Furthermore, Heavy Haul Transporting is also a frequent traveler on Washington roads. The state boasts several popular interstate highways that facilitate transportation:

  • I-5: Extending from the Canadian border to Oregon, I-5 runs along the eastern coast of Washington, serving as a vital north-south route.
  • I-82: Taking a north-south trajectory in the middle of the state, I-82 links with I-90 and extends into Oregon, providing crucial connectivity.
  • I-90: Crossing the northern part of Washington, I-90 travels from Seattle into Idaho, serving as a significant east-west thoroughfare.


With our extensive experience and presence on these roadways, Heavy Haul Transporting ensures the seamless movement of goods and materials in both Florida and Washington.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for reliable flatbed heavy haul transport from Florida to Washington, look no further than Heavy Haul Transporting. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch transport solutions that minimize the time, energy, and hassle associated with transportation. Contact us today at (844)337-4909 or visit us at Heavy Haul Transporting to get started.