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Hauling Heavy Equipment Near Me

Hauling heavy equipment near me using specialized transportation is the transportation of oversized, oddly-shaped, and delicate items.

Hauling heavy equipment near me using specialized transportation is the transportation of oversized, oddly-shaped, and delicate items. Due to their weight, shape, size, and constituents, this kind of load type requires specially designed vehicles to transport them safely. This is where oversize trucking companies come into play.

Oversize trucking companies provide specialized vehicles to various businesses, across multiple industries, for the safe and timely transport of their oversized materials. This is called specialized transportation – which is much more complex and time-consuming than ordinary goods transportation.

Specialized transportation by heavy equipment haulers in Connecticut

can be divided into 3 broad categories – let’s learn more about them.

1.     Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Transportation

These are the most difficult materials to transport as they require care and protection. It is considered difficult because this type of specialized transportation can be dangerous for both the people and the environment.

HAZMAT items are usually hazardous chemicals or flammable items that can be threatening toward truck drivers and people driving around them. Hence, specialized transportation of HAZMAT materials requires utmost care and precision.

HAZMAT transportation is required across various industries like laboratories, ammunition, flares, and fireworks. Trucks used for hazardous material transportation must be covered to protect the shipment from external factors like weather conditions or flammable gases.

Hauling Heavy Equipment Near Me

2.     Temperature Controlled Transportation

Temperature-controlled transportation is the transport of goods and items that are temperature sensitive. This type of transportation is extremely sensitive to external and environmental factors; hence, it should be protected and enclosed.

Hence, trucks used for temperature-controlled transportation are enclosed trucks – mostly dry vans or reefers. Reefers are trucks with a refrigeration unit attached at the back- they are used for goods that need to be kept cold.

Therefore, this type of specialized transportation is mostly popular in:

  • Food industries – for transport of frozen foods,
  • Pharmaceutical industry – for transportation of insulin and medicines that are light and temperature-sensitive
  • Chemical sector – for transportation of chemicals that catch fire in hot temperatures.

3.     Bulk and Oversized Transportation

Hauling heavy equipment near me when shipping an oversized load is the transport of large and bulky items that are difficult to carry in a smaller vehicle.

Bulk transportation

This consists of dry bulk like fine granules, pourable items, small metals, etc. Most of these items and this category require specialized transport because they are difficult and messy to pack, load, unload and carry. There are two types of things that are transported under this category.

  • Minor bulks: This includes dry items that are small in size or granulated such as cement, flour, sugars, etc.
  • Major bulks: This includes relatively bigger commodities – not heavy, but huge quantities. Dry bulk such as pieces of steel, iron, and coal are considered major bulks

Oversized Cargo

This consists of oddly shaped and heavy items. These objects are considered OD (over-dimensional) because they exceed the cargo’s legal weight and size limit. They require specialized vehicles because they are difficult to fit in ordinary vehicles.

This cargo includes

  • Machinery
  • Construction material
  • Industrial equipment
  • Mining equipment

Vehicles used for carrying bulky and oversized cargo are specialized trucks. The most common ones are flatbed trucks because they are roofless and have no sides – making them easier to load and unload huge items.

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