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Unlike pickup trucks, heavy equipment haulers are specifically designed to move oversized loads across long distances. They have additional equipment to help them travel across thousands of miles without any accidents. The load can be of intimidating weights or heights, but the flatbed equipment kit has the capacity to manage the excess dimensions.


heavy equipment haulers


Flatbeds are used for different hauling purposes, including forestry tools, large machinery, or steel hauling. In this blog, we are focusing on steel hauling and what equipments are used to safely move it using flatbeds.


Transportation of Steel


With never-ending construction projects across the US, the steel industry is booming. Materials like steel pipes, coils, and plates are in high demand, which requires timely delivery. Flatbeds play an important part in the transportation of steel material from one place to another. With the help of Flatbed equipment specially made for steel hauling, you can move it safely without any hazard.


Heavy Equipment Haulers Steel Kits


The transportation of steel requires great attention, especially when loading heavy steel material according to regulations. Heavy equipment haulers and their drivers also play a key role in steel hauling. It’s not just about the vehicle’s safety and the material; you’ll also have to make sure everything is secured enough to avoid any road accidents.


Flatbed Equipment Kit for Steel Transportation


If you search for Flatbed equipment near me, you’ll find that every place will offer a starter kit. The kit will have some basic tools that we will share with you here. These starter kit tools are:


1.       Heavy-Duty Steel Tarp


Steel hauling can be different from other types of hauling. It requires special equipment to safely move steel material on a flatbed. Heavy-duty steel tarp comes in handy when moving an oversized load of steel across states. Based on state regulations, there are multiple-sized steel tarps that meet drivers’ needs.


2.       Corner Protectors


Corner protectors are essential in a flatbed equipment kit. They are part of the regulations to avoid any damage to the steel load. The friction between cargo and straps can cause damage to the straps, so corner protectors are used to avoid it. Flatbed drivers usually use steel or plastic corner protectors.


3.       Ratchet Chain Binder


Ratchet chain binders are ideal for hauling heavy-duty steel material. Despite their tough application, these chain binders are easy to use. Flatbed drivers can secure the chains because of the simple ratcheting mechanism.


4.       Rubber Tarp Strap


EPDM synthetic rubber tarp straps are used in flatbed equipment kits. This material is cut-resistant with exceptional elasticity. Only high-quality rubber straps like these can haul heavy loads like steel across long distances.



5.       Winch Strap


Along with rubber tarp straps and chain binders, winch straps are also helpful for heavy equipment haulers. Winch straps can hold down steel cargo on flatbeds with ease because of their durable nature. Most of the time, you’ll find weather-resistant winch straps that are capable of managing high tension.


With additional equipment to hold down steel cargo, it becomes easier for flatbeds to carry the load across the country. It is also important to find heavy haul transportation providers who have the best flatbed services available in your area.