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Heavy Haul Trucking: The Solution for Transporting Oversized Loads

Transporting heavy and oversized loads is a challenging task that requires the expertise of flatbed shipping companies. Our companies have specialized equipment, experienced drivers, and meticulous planning processes to ensure that the cargo and everyone on the road is safe. That’s where heavy haul truck companies come in.

Flatbed hauling companies play a crucial role in the transportation of heavy and oversized loads. With specialized equipment and experienced drivers, they ensure that the cargo is transported safely and efficiently. At Heavy Haul Transporting, we have over 40 years of experience in flatbed hauling. Our expertise, equipment, and network allow us to transport a wide range of cargo, including industrial equipment, wind farm components, and aircraft ground support equipment. Trust us to get your valuable cargo to its destination on time and in pristine condition.

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Types of Trucks and Trailers Used in Heavy Haul Trucking

Flatbed trucking companies require specialized equipment to transport oversized loads that can handle the weight and size of the cargo. The common types of trailers used in heavy haul trucking include step deck/drop deck trailers, removable gooseneck trailers (RGN), and flatbed trailers.

Flatbed trailers are versatile and can handle a variety of loads, including those that are too heavy or oversized for standard trucks. Heavy equipment movers often use flatbed heavy haulers for transporting large, heavy machinery.

Regulations for Heavy Haul Trucking

Flatbed heavy haul companies must comply with federal and state regulations to ensure the safety of their drivers, cargo, and other motorists on the road. These regulations set guidelines for weight limits, vehicle size, and cargo dimensions. Adhering to these regulations is essential for safe and legal transportation of oversized loads.

If you’re looking for a reliable heavy hauler near me, look no further than Heavy Haul Transporting.

At Heavy Haul Transporting, we are well-versed in these regulations and ensure that all of our drivers are trained and equipped to handle oversized loads safely and legally.

Why Choose Heavy Haul Transporting for Your Heavy Haul Needs?

When it comes to transporting oversized loads, you want a company that you can trust. That’s why we offer personalized transport strategies tailored to fit your individual needs. We take the time to understand your cargo and its unique transport requirements to provide the best possible hauling.

We also provide 24/7 customer support, ensuring that you have access to our team of dedicated agents whenever you need them. Our goal is to provide seamless transport from start to finish.

Heavy Equipment Transporters provide a specialized transportation for moving oversized or overweight loads that cannot be carried by standard trailers. This requires specialized equipment, trained drivers, and compliance with federal and state regulations. If you need to transport heavy, bulky, or complex products across long distances, reliable heavy haul trucking companies are essential to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your cargo.

Equipment Used in Heavy Haul Trucking

Equipment hauling companies utilize a variety of trailer types to accommodate different cargo shapes, sizes, and weights. Examples of common trailers used in heavy haul trucking include:

– Step Deck/Drop Deck Trailer: This trailer has a lower deck and an upper deck that drops down over the rear wheels. It can carry a maximum weight of 48,000 lbs with a maximum length of 53 feet, maximum width of 8.5 feet, and a maximum height of 11 feet.

– Removable Gooseneck Trailer (RGN): This trailer has a detachable front end that allows the cargo to be loaded from the front. It can carry a maximum weight of 150,000+ lbs with a main deck length of 29 feet, well width of 8.5 feet, and legal height limit of 11.6 feet.

Some of the common types of heavy equipment transported by heavy haul transporting are:

– Ship components

– Watercraft components

– Oil rig components

– Gas processing plant equipment

– Wind farm equipment

– Industrial cranes

– Steel beams

– Pressure vessels

– Industrial mixers

– Conveyor systems

– Heavy-duty pumps

– Industrial boilers

– Industrial dryers.

– Textile machinery

– Printing presses

– Metal stamping presses

– Food processing equipment

– Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment

– Sawmill machinery

– Plastic injection molding machines

– Glass manufacturing equipment

– Packaging machinery

– Water treatment equipment

– Sewage treatment equipment

– Mining trucks

– Off-road vehicles

– Emergency vehicles

– Aircraft ground support equipment

Federal and State Regulations for Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy haul trucking is subject to extensive federal and state regulations to ensure the safety of both the driver and other road users. These regulations cover various aspects of equipment, driver training and qualifications, insurance, and permits. Heavy haul trucking companies must comply with:

– Federal Bridge Formula: This formula determines the maximum weight allowed on each axle and axle group, depending on the spacing between the axles, the length and width of the trailer, and the distance of the load from the rear of the trailer.

– Oversize/Overweight Permit: This permit allows the heavy haul trailer to transport cargo that exceeds the federal or state weight and size limits.

– Escort Vehicles: Some states require that heavy haul trucks be accompanied by escort vehicles that warn other drivers of the oversized load and provide traffic control.

– Pilot Cars: Some states require pilot cars to be used in addition to escort vehicles. These cars drive ahead of the heavy haul truck to check for overhead obstructions, road conditions, and other hazards.

Ensuring the Safety of the Driver and Others on the Road

Safety is a top priority for heavy haul truck companies. They ensure the safety of the driver and other road users by:

– Conducting regular maintenance and safety inspections of their equipment.

– Providing extensive training to their drivers on how to handle heavy machinery, secure loads, and navigate challenging terrains and weather conditions.

– Installing safety features such as GPS tracking, electronic logs, backup cameras, and blind-spot monitors to minimize the risk of accidents.

– Adhering to federal and state regulations on driver qualifications, working hours, and rest breaks.

If you’re looking for reliable heavy haul trucking companies near me, look no further than Heavy Haul Transporting. Our experienced team of heavy equipment haulers and transporters can handle loads of any size. Contact us today for a quote and see how we can help you transport your oversized cargo safely and efficiently.