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As one of the Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Michigan if you plan to transport an oversized item via road, you will need to use services from Flatbed Trucking Companies Near Me. These companies obtain special permits that allow them to transport oversized items legally on Michigan roadways. Let’s look at the permits these companies require and why they are important.   Single trip permits are valid for only a single trip. 


Single trip permits are valid for only a single trip.


Why Are Heavy Haul Transportation Permits Required for Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Michigan?


Pursuant to Act 300 of the Public Acts of 1949, the Michigan Vehicle Code (MVC) requires individuals or businesses to possess permits when transporting loads that are above the maximum legal size and weight limits in the state.   These restrictions are in place to ensure the safety of other vehicles and pedestrians, as well as the roads themselves. Transport permits are usually issued only to those vehicles and items that cannot be reduced in size or moved via other means reasonably. 


What Permits Do Heavy Machinery Transportation Companies in Michigan Need?


What Are the Types of Transport Permits for Flatbed Shipping Companies Oversized Loads?


There are two types of transport permits for oversized loads.  


These are:  

Single Trip Permits 

 Extended Permits  

Single Trip Permits  


As their name implies, a single trip permit is valid for a single trip. In some cases, these permits may allow for a return trip. Single trip permits are typically valid for a five day period. Equipment Transporter Heavy haul trucking companies in Michigan typically set their delivery date carefully so that it coincides with this five day period.   Extended Permits   Extended permits are a special type of permit that allows multiple trips. They are issued on an annual basis and are usually acquired by Flatbed Trucking Companies Near Me


How Much Do Oversize Vehicle Permits Cost?


Oversize vehicle permits cost different amounts depending on their type.

Single trip permits cost $15 for oversize vehicles and $50 for oversize and overweight vehicles. 


Extended permits valid for 12 months cost $30 for oversize vehicles and $100 for overweight vehicles.


Heavy Machinery Transportation companies typically factor the cost of permits into their shipping rates. 


How Long Do Permits Take to Acquire?


If you intend to apply for a permit yourself, you should be aware of the turnaround time for receiving one.   Single trip permits may be issued within 12 hours of filing a request electronically. However, it may take longer if the information provided in your application is incomplete or inaccurate. You can apply for a single trip permit up to 7 business days before your intended shipping date.   Extended permits take far longer to receive. You can expect to wait 15 to 21 days from the date you send your application. If you intend to renew your extended permit, you should apply 30 to 60 days before your current permit’s expiration date. 


Why Choose Heavy Haul Transportation?


If you want to transport an oversized item in Michigan, you should use the services of Heavy Haul Transporting. We apply for each of our permits in an organized and efficient manner. Our experts are always up to date with the latest legal requirements for heavy haul trucking companies in Michigan. Please contact us to learn more about our shipping process.