MegaMAX US Trailer for Oversize Shipping

The Faymonville Group has developed yet another groundbreaking trailer for the ease of transportation of the most challenging oversize hauling projects. This trailer features extra-low clearances for the movement of extremely high and bulky cargo that is frequently called for by industries for the movement of machinery and oversized containers and crates.


A unique feature to this trailer in North America is the kingpin steering and its override remote control allowing to maneuver in the tightest of spaces. Hydraulic Pendle axles are featured in the three-axle version housing pneumatic suspension. The ability to increase the legal payload is accomplished with the unique steerable fourth pin-on flip axle air ride increasing versatility state by state during the heavy haul transportation.



MegaMAX US Trailer for Oversize Shipping


The stretch deck and mini-deck are the two-deck types featured for the MegaMax heavy haul trailer. Continuous height adjustment is allowed for the most flexibility during the loading process with the aid of the hydraulic detachable gooseneck.



With a loaded deck height of only thirteen point eight inches, it is the lowest oversize freight shipping trailer of its kind offered in today’s market. It can be used on some of the following countless types of cargo: rail cars, tanks, industrial goods, oversize containers, and machinery.


The MegaMax’s closed length is only twenty-five feet extendable to forty-two feet and with the aid of inserts even longer. Because of it’s running height of ten-foot point eight inches making it the go-to oversize hauling trailer for moving transformers and generators. Jacking and skidding operations requiring maximum point loads and are easily accommodated with the MegaMax’s steel construction whole width technology.


This trailer with a constricted length of fifty-three feet and a width of one hundred inches minus outriggers can be transported empty without permits and pilot escorts helping to save on the cost of the project. This trailer is rated for cargo up to one hundred and five thousand pounds when using the flip axle. When this axle is not needed it can be detached or flipped for empty transport


All these features of this double drop oversize transportation trailer comply with specific dimensional and DOT regulations for North America making it the go-to trailer for all carriers in North America and Canada.