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Pennsylvania to Arizona Flatbed Heavy Haul Wide Load Trucking: Expert Heavy Equipment Haulers in the USA

When it comes to oversized equipment transport, flatbed truck companies are one of the best options available. Flatbed freight companies have become increasingly popular for construction equipment shipping, heavy equipment transport companies, oversized truck loads, equipment hauling services, super load trucking, flatbed transport services, and heavy haul equipment. Transporting oversize loads can be challenging, but with the right heavy equipment hauler, it can be made more manageable.

Pennsylvania to Arizona Flatbed Heavy Haul Wide Load Trucking: Expert Heavy Equipment Haulers in the USA

Heavy Haul Transporting specializes in flatbed transportation companies and oversize load trucking. We have been providing top-notch heavy haul trucking services for more than 40 years. We have the expertise to haul all types of equipment, machinery, vehicles, and freight on this route door-to-door. We’re well-equipped to handle any type of cargo you need shipped.



Flatbed Truck Companies: Why Choose Heavy Haul Transporting?



Many flatbed truck companies offer equipment hauling services, but not all of them have the specialized equipment and expertise for transporting over dimensional hauling loads. This is what sets Heavy Haul Transporting apart from other flatbed transportation services.



Our company has top-of-the-line equipment, including flatbeds, step-decks, RGNs, and other oversized truck loads. We ensure that the right trailer is used for your machine every time. Our drivers are experienced and knowledgeable in handling heavy machinery transportation and flatbed equipment hauler services.



Heavy Equipment Transport Companies: Our Experience



Heavy Haul Transporting has a profound experience in heavy equipment transport companies. Our company has been in business for more than 40 years and has established a reputation in the industry for our excellence in equipment hauling, super load trucking, and flatbed freight companies.



We are an efficient and professional company that accepts nearly all forms of payment for our transportation services, including cash. Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and accredited, ensuring that all of the measures for transporting oversize loads are met.



Over Dimensional Hauling: What Equipment We Can Haul



Heavy Haul Transporting specializes in the heavy stuff! However, we can accommodate all types of equipment, no matter the weight. We have transported a wide variety of equipment for the past 40+ years.


Some common pieces of flatbed equipment hauler that we have shipped from Pennsylvania to Arizona include:



– Dozers

– Excavators

– Forklifts

– Cranes

– Bulldozers

– Loaders

– Graders

– Tractors

– Heavy duty trucks

– And much more!



Heavy Machinery Transportation: Our Efficient Services



When you choose Heavy Haul Transporting to haul your heavy equipment, you can rest assured knowing that your load will be transported efficiently. We utilize the latest technology to track your cargo and provide you with real-time updates on its location and estimated delivery time.



Our transportation services are designed to minimize the time, energy, and hassle required to get your equipment from Pennsylvania to Arizona. We operate on a door-to-door basis, meaning your equipment will be picked up from your current location and delivered directly to its intended destination.



Flatbed Transportation Services: Our Commitment to Quality



At Heavy Haul Transporting, we are committed to providing the highest quality flatbed transportation services. We understand that oversized load trucking requires specialized expertise and equipment, which is why we have invested in the best resources available.



Our flatbed transportation services are designed to ensure the safe transport of your cargo. We take every precaution to ensure that your equipment is loaded and secured appropriately, minimizing the risk of damage during transportation.



Pennsylvania to Arizona Heavy Hauler Shipping Services



If you require heavy machinery transportation from Pennsylvania to Arizona, you can trust Heavy Haul Transporting. Our services are efficient, professional, and designed to transport your cargo safely to its intended destination.



For the smooth and reliable transportation of heavy equipment from Pennsylvania to Arizona, trust Heavy Haul Transporting! We are a fully licensed and insured company with the capability to transport cargo in all states across the country. Whether you require equipment shipping across long distances or shorter hauls, Heavy Haul Transporting is your go-to solution.


In Pennsylvania, we are well-acquainted with the state’s extensive interstate network, boasting the most interstates in the nation. Our operations cover major routes, including:


  • I-70: Travels east/west in the southwest corner of the state, connecting Ohio and I-76.
  • I-76: Runs east/west across the southern portion of the state, linking Ohio and Philadelphia.
  • I-78: Extends east/west through the southern part, from Harrisburg to New York.
  • I-79: Travels north/south in the western part, connecting Erie and Pittsburgh.
  • I-80: Runs east/west across the middle of the state, connecting Ohio and New York.
  • I-81: Travels north/south through the eastern portion, from New York to Maryland.
  • I-83: Runs north/south in the southern part, from Harrisburg to Maryland.
  • I-84: Goes east/west in the northeastern part, from Scranton to New York.
  • I-90: Travels east/west along Lake Erie, cutting across the northwest corner between Ohio and New York.
  • I-95: Runs down the southeast coast, connecting New York to Delaware.
  • I-99: Goes north/south in the center of the state, from I-80 to I-76.

Upon reaching Arizona, Heavy Haul Transporting continues its seamless operations, navigating major trade corridors running east/west through Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tucson, as well as a route from Flagstaff south through Tucson. Arizona’s interstate routes include:

  • I-8: Splits from I-10 in the lower middle of the state and runs west through Yuma into Mexico.
  • I-10: Enters from New Mexico in the lower northeast corner, running north through Tucson before reaching Phoenix.
  • I-15: Cuts across the northwest corner, connecting Nevada and Utah.
  • I-17: Travels north/south between Flagstaff and Phoenix in the middle of the state.
  • I-19: Runs south from Tucson to the border with Mexico.
  • I-40: Goes through Flagstaff in the middle of the state, traveling east/west from California to New Mexico.

At Heavy Haul Transporting, we provide an extensive range of trailer choices when shipping from Pennsylvania to Arizona, including flatbed trailers, step deck trailers, removable gooseneck trailers (RGN), extended removable gooseneck trailers, and extended drop deck and double drop deck trailers.


Choose Heavy Haul Transporting for your cargo transportation needs from Pennsylvania to Arizona. Our team will match your delivery with a qualified professional operator, ensuring a seamless and timely service. Call us today for affordable and dependable transport solutions for your construction equipment.


In Pennsylvania, we ship cargo to all ports, including the Port of Philadelphia, a prominent Atlantic Ocean port on the Delaware River, as well as the Port of Chester, an inland port on the Delaware River. Other notable ports include the Port of Pittsburgh, an inland port on the Ohio River, and the Port of Erie, situated on Lake Erie.


In Arizona, we serve all major ports, including the Port of Tucson, an inland port on I-19. Despite being a landlocked state without large rivers, Arizona maintains this crucial port for truck traffic from Mexico entering through the Nogales border crossing and heading north.


Choose Heavy Haul Transporting for your heavy equipment transportation needs. As one of the trusted flatbed truck companies, we have the expertise and resources to ensure a smooth and reliable transport of your cargo from Pennsylvania to Arizona and beyond.



Contact us today to learn more about our flatbed freight companies, equipment hauling services, or to request a quote for your next transportation project. Call the flatbed heavy haul experts at Heavy Haul Transporting on (844)337-4909 or visit our website to get started!