Our transportation division is specialized and can handle all oversized and over dimensional equipment with ease


Does your business require heavy shipping? Then Heavy Haul’s over trucking is what you need! As we are professionals in this field, we can ship any and all types of freight. Based in the US, Mexico and Canada, we are one of the best options for all your transporting needs.

Heavy Haul Transportation Services Arkansas, Oversized Trucking in Arkansas
Special semi-trailer for transporting oversized loads.

Choose HHT’s oversized trucking in Arkansas and enjoy an edge over your competition! Get a quote today!





We ascertain timely pickups and ensure that your deliveries arrive exactly as you expect. We also take necessary measures to protect and keep your freight secure throughout.




RGN is often used for transporting oversized loads. Available in many different configurations, they can accommodate larger sizes and heavier weights.


Drop Deck


Step deck trailers are recommended for fright that is above a certain height. Our step deck trailers are also equipped with ramps so that your packages and cargo can be loaded with ease. This minimizes damages.


Stretch Trailer


Stretch trailers are a preferred choice for oversized trucking in Arkansas. Often used for shipping long loads, this type of fleet ships uncommon freight.


Double Drop Trailer


Do you have a load that is of non-standard shape? Double drop trailer is what you need then.


Platform Trailers


Platform trailers are lightweight and have steering angles of greater degrees. This assures easy maneuverability.

Why Us?


Heavy Haul Transportation services in Arkansas take out all the complexities involved in logistics. We have the required permits as well as legal knowledge, so you definitely won’t have to deal with any hurdles or challenges when you work with us.


Share your needs with us and we’ll come up with a suitable solution. Choose Heavy Haul Transportation Services Arkansas if you’re looking for a reliable shipping partner.