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Step Deck Flatbed Trucking Companies: Transport Your heavy haul freight With America's Best Flatbed Heavy Equipment Haulers

step deck trucking company

Step Deck Trucking Company: Transport Your Heavy Equipment with Ease

Are you in the market for a reliable step deck trucking company to transport your heavy equipment? Look no further. Our complete guide on step deck flatbed trucking will cover everything you need to know before joining a step deck trucking company, the gear and supplies required, how to find loads, the advantages of working with flatbed equipment hauler, and tips on keeping your rig in tip-top shape and staying safe on the road.

What is Step Deck Trucking and Why Choose It?

Step deck trucking, also known as drop deck trucking, is a type of flatbed heavy haul transportation that uses a trailer with a lower deck and an upper deck that drops down to allow for taller loads. This makes it easier to transport over-sized and over-dimensional equipment. Step deck trailers also have a lower center of gravity, which can reduce the risk of tipping and increase safety.

Compared to traditional flatbed shipping companies, step deck hauling companies provide greater versatility and flexibility for freight that requires more space. With their lowered deck in the center, step deck trailers reduce height restrictions and offer more stabilization during travel, providing a smoother ride for bulky cargo. Plus, their dimensions make them ideal for equipment that requires higher ground clearance or maximum height constraints.

Gear and Supplies Required for Step Deck Trucking

To transport your heavy equipment with ease, you’ll need to ensure you have the right gear and supplies. Here are some of the essentials:

– Step Deck Trailer: A specialized trailer designed for step deck hauling, consisting of two or three decks and a ramp system for easy loading and unloading of heavy equipment.

– Load Binders: Essential equipment for securing your heavy equipment in place for safe transportation, consisting of chains, straps, and winches.

– DOT-approved lights: As with any large vehicle, step deck trucks require high visibility for safety. Make sure all lights are in good working order before embarking on your journey. 

– PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): Safety should always be the number one priority. Make sure you have all the necessary protective gear such as hard hats, steel-toed boots, reflective vests, and ear protection to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

How to Find Loads as a Step Deck Truck Driver

Finding loads as a step deck truck driver can be challenging but not impossible. Several load boards and online marketplaces, such as uShip and Truckstop.com, allow drivers to find paying loads easily. Some flatbed hauling companies and heavy equipment movers also advertise on these platforms, so it’s crucial to be vigilant when searching for loads that match your requirements.

Building relationships with flatbed trucking companies that require flatbed heavy haul can also lead to profitable business opportunities. Networking with other drivers and equipment hauling companies can also open up more opportunities and help you stay informed on industry developments.

Advantages of Working with a Professional flatbed heavy equipment haulers

Working with an experienced and reputable Heavy Equipment Transporters offers several benefits, including:

– Expertise: A professional Heavy Equipment Haulers specializes in step deck hauling, providing you with the expertise needed to transport your heavy equipment safely and securely.

– Safety: Professional step deck haulers have the right gear and training to ensure the safest transportation of your heavy equipment, ensuring it reaches its destination undamaged.

– Insurance: Professional step deck hauling companies typically carry insurance policies that cover any damages that may occur during transport. This ensures your peace of mind and the protection of your heavy equipment.

– Time-Management: With extensive experience in the industry, professional step deck handlers ensure timely deliveries and minimize downtime, ensuring optimum efficiency and profitability.

Tips on Keeping Your Rig in Tip-Top Shape and Staying Safe on the Road

To keep your step deck rig in tip-top shape and stay safe on the road, consider the following tips:

– Perform routine inspections on your truck and trailer before every trip.

– Regularly maintain your step deck trailer, especially the tires, brakes, and suspension system.

– Drive cautiously and defensively, especially when carrying heavy equipment.

– Take adequate breaks to avoid driver’s fatigue and always stay alert.

– Ensure you have adequate insurance coverage to protect yourself and your business.

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