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Playing a crucial role in the transportation of goods, flatbed trucking is a mode of shipment that all goods merchants and businesses. As a part of heavy haul transportation, many people often mix up flatbed shipping and heavy haul shipping to be one and the same. However, there is a marked difference between the two options.   To get rid of any confusion, we’re going to take a closer look at Arizona wide load transport and learn more about this mode of shipment:  


What is Flatbed Trucking?


Flatbed heavy equipment shipping relates to the use of wide, open trailers to carry oversized loads. They’re completely open, usually on all sides. This mode of shipping is extremely popular and used in a lot of industries. The versatility of flatbed trucking means that they’re used for transporting and shipping goods from building supplies to heavy machinery and more.   If something can’t be shipped in traditional shipping vehicles such as dry vans, it can still be shipped by flatbed.  


4 Things You Need to Know about Flatbed Trucking


It’s Easier for Loading


Most people assume that the open bed of the truck can be an issue but it adds to the versatility of Phoenix Arizona flatbed trucking. It also makes loading easier and simpler for heavy equipment shipping or machinery. In most cases, a winch or lift can be used to load the cargo on to the truck from any side. It simplifies the process to load and unload goods and shipment on it.   For transporting, goods are held in place through strong bonds. It is very common for goods to be raised on pallets and then be locked into place carefully. The heavy-duty ties are more than effective at keeping the shipment in place.  


There are Different Types of Trailers Available


For flatbed trucking, there are different kinds of trailers available that you can pick and choose from. These are based on the structure, weight, and size of the goods that have to be transported. You can pick from the following:  


Step Deck – This trailer type has a lower flatbed than the average trailer. This makes it perfect for use with any tall shipment (10 feet high) and areas where clearance space may be an issue for heavy machinery transportation.


RGN – Known as removable gooseneck trailers, this type features an attachment ramp that makes it possible to drive any equipment on or off them. They’re very expensive but can carry goods that weigh thousands of pounds without any issues.


Stretch – This is an extra-long trailer that can be used for freight shipment of extra-long goods such as pipes, uncut lumber, or other raw material.


These are the three major types of flatbed trucking trailers that you can find. However, other variations are also available.  


Flatbed Trucking Can be Used For Delivery Anywhere


  Flatbed trucking is such a popular option because it can make the shipment of large and different goods in one single load. Additionally, unlike other heavy hauling equipment, flatbed trucks don’t have to be loaded or unloaded at a loading or shipment dock. They can be unloaded anywhere with ease.   All these reasons make it a popular option for many businesses that are looking to transport goods through heavy haul trucking.