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Before you begin oversize freight shipping for your goods, it is necessary that you understand this process. The challenges you face in this area should not be overlooked as they can delay delivery and result in some very costly mistakes.   To help you out, here’s a brief overview of everything you need to know about oversize freight shipping beforehand:  

Always Have the Appropriate Permits

  First and foremost, you must make sure that you have all the paperwork in order for your shipment. Delays like weather, labor issues or congestion in the port can already mean that your delivery has to be pushed back. If you don’t have the appropriate permits or paperwork, your delay can go on for weeks or even months.    
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Cargo containers

All You Need to Know About Oversize Freight Shipping

  This is because approval for permits can take some time too. This can be costly for you as you’re still paying for the port/storage area. Every day that the goods remain unshipped is going to cost you dearly. That’s why you should make sure that your permits and paperwork are all in order, well before delivery starts for the goods.  

Know the Weight and Size of Shipments

  Always know the weight, size and whether there are any special requirements for your goods. The type of oversized freight shipping services you need is going to hinge on this factor. Additionally, this will also impact the permits you need for national shipping.   Restrictions and regulations applied to the cargo weight and shipment will differ based on this factor. When you’re aware of the weight and size, you can also get the appropriate transport vehicles for oversized freight shipping.  

Work with Reliable Companies

  The companies that you’re working with make a huge difference in your cargo delivery. It’s better to take your time and research your options. The cost per route shouldn’t be the only deciding factor here. You should also take a look at the following:  
  • Routes They Offer – These should be the ones that you want for current and future shipments.
  • The Fleet They Have – Well maintained vehicles matter because poor quality ones are more likely to malfunction.
  • Be Aware of Permits – Different states have different rules and regulations so information about the right permits is necessary.
  • Safety Track Record – If the company has a history of too many accidents, it is better to skip over them.
  • Company Insurance – Make sure that the company offers shipment insurance. This can mean that the cost of damaged goods can be compensated in the event of accidents.
Ideally, the company you pick for oversized freight shipping should offer all these crucial services to you.

Pay Attention to Insurance Coverage

  One last thing that you should know about oversize freight shipping is the insurance coverage limitations. While some companies do offer insurance, in some cases, you might have to get additional coverage.   Even though this additional insurance coverage can be expensive, it is vital for your business. The loss caused by damaged goods will not hamper your growth as it would without it.   Once you understand these crucial factors, you will have an easier time in oversized freight shipping for your business.