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Flatbed Service must not tolerate drivers driving under the influence (DUI). Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is one of the common reasons for serious traffic accidents.


Here are some tips to discourage Flatbed Trucking Companies drivers from transporting heavy equipment while driving under the influence.


Flatbed Service to Prevent DUI Driving



1. Random Drug/Alcohol Testing


Flatbed Service must carry out random drug testing to catch drivers. Strict penalties must be imposed on drivers who violate the company policy of consuming drugs or alcohol before driving.



Heavy Machinery Transportation Prevent DUI Driving



2. Establish Clear Policies for DUI Driving


Flatbed trucking companies must create clear policies for punishment for DUI driving. It is also important that the company enforce the policies.


The Equipment Transporter manager must be made responsible and accountable for the implementation of the company’s DUI policies. The executives should take prompt action against drivers found guilty of drunk driving.


Drivers for Flatbed Shipping Companies who are found guilty of DUI rules should not just be given a warning. The penalty should be exemplary to prevent drivers from driving under the influence.


3. Educate the Drivers about DUI Driving


Many drivers don’t know the risks of driving under the influence. The management of the flatbed service must educate the drivers about the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Drivers should be taught that drugs and alcohol impair the rational thinking abilities of individuals. It makes the drivers make impaired driving decisions such as speeding, breaking traffic signals, and ignoring other road safety rules.


To educate the drivers, flatbed trucking companies must create training programs for the drivers. The training program should inform the drivers about the risks of fatal accidents when driving under the influence. Moreover, the program should also inform the drivers about the penalties for violating rules regarding DUI driving when transporting heavy equipment or machinery.


4. Create a Reward Program


A driver reward program can also help discourage drivers from DUI driving. The reward program will encourage drivers to remain sober while transporting heavy machinery and items.


The reward program to prevent DUI driving must be tied to the program to encourage safe driving practice. Drivers with a safe driving record must be recognized by giving cash and non-cash rewards. Consider giving them a plaque or other significant award that makes drivers with safety records a role model for other drivers.


Final Remarks


Flatbed trucking companies must not ignore DUI driving when transporting heavy goods. DUI driving often leads to serious accidents. Companies must create a clear policy to prevent drivers from driving recklessly due to driving under the influence.


For safe and effective transporting of heavy goods, you can contact Heavy Haul Transporting. We have an expert team that ensures timely and safe delivery of goods to and from all cities in the United States and Canada. When you want the services of a flatbed trucking company for the transport of heavy machinery or equipment, we are here to help. You should dial (844) 337-4909 today to talk to our representative.