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A Heavy Vehicle Transport Carrier involves the transportation of oversized products. Large flatbed trailers can transport products that cannot be transported using standard trucks. They are generally up to 48-inch long and 8.5-inch wide.

  Heavy vehicle transport

  The large size and special design of the trailer allow them to transport heavy loads such as cranes, turbine blades, forklifts, and more. In this blog post, you will learn about the type of heavy products that can be transported by flatbed transportation carriers.  

Building Machinery & Equipment

  Heavy vehicle transport carriers can transport heavy machinery and equipment. The flatbed transport trucks can carry forklifts, cranes, bulldozers, and other machinery used in the construction of buildings.  

Heavy Vehicle Transport Carriers

  Additionally, Flatbed transportation carriers in can also transport heavy building materials. They have large trucks that are specially designed to carry materials such as rods, steel beams, bricks, lumber, and concrete. The flatbed transport carrier can also transport odd-shaped fabricated materials that cannot be transported using standard transport trucks.   Flatbed trucks are best for loading and unloading goods that cannot be loaded in an enclosed truck. They are the most practical transport vehicles for carrying most building machinery and equipment.  

Farm Equipment

  Flatbed transportation carriers in can also carry farm equipment. They can be used for carrying tractors, harvesters, seeders, fertilizer spreaders, balers, trailers, wood chipper trucks, and other large vehicles.   Heavy farm equipment can easily be loaded and unloaded from a flatbed truck. The carrier can handle a heavy load due to the special flatbed design. You can rest assured that your farming equipment will be safely transported over a long distance.   Companies also order flatbed transportation carriers for transporting scrap waste material. The carriers can facilitate in removal of scrap metals from the job site. It is easy to load and offload the material from the trucks.  


  Heavy vehicle transport carriers can also haul airplanes and large parts over a long distance. The large products are usually accompanied by one or two pilot cars. The number of cars depends on the state regulations regarding escort vehicles for large products.  


  Flatbed carriers can easily transport a large number of cars and trucks. They can deliver trucks, minivans, SUVs, and jeeps. The automotive manufacturers often contact Flatbed transportation carriers for transport of their vehicles to dealers all over the US.  


    Manufacturing companies contact flatbed carriers for the transport of large manufactured products. They can be used for the transport of Crushers, CNC machines, steel, conveyors, and other manufactured equipment.  

Final Remarks

    Loading products in a flatbed trailer requires getting acquainted with the road regulations in the state. If the product is to be transported cross-state, it is important to know the rules about carrying oversized goods in each state.   Looking for a flatbed trucking company? Heavy Haul Transporting offers full-service heavy haul transportation services in the US. We provide transportation services all over the continental USA. Contact us today to know more about our flatbed transportation services.