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The lowboy service near me is involved in the transportation of large products across vast distances. They are specially designed to carry large equipment and machinery. Businesses all over the US can hire the services of heavy haul transportation companies to transport all kinds of goods.


lowboy service near me


A flatbed heavy haul company can transport goods for different industries. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the products that can be transported by heavy haul transport companies.




Flatbed heavy haul transportation companies can transport airplane parts. The vehicles can also be used for transporting heavy machinery used in the maintenance of aircraft. Some of the equipment used in the aviation sector that can be transported by a lowboy service near me includes the following.


  • Aircraft tugs

  • Aircraft wings

  • Boarding stairs

  • Light tower

  • Testing equipment

  • Engines

  • Runaway sweepers

  • Water carts


Lowboy Service Near Me The Benefits


Flatbed heavy haul companies can also be used for the recovery of planes. The vehicles can transport damaged helicopters, small airplanes, and large commercial and fighter jets. Moreover, heavy haul transport companies can also transport fuselages of aircraft. They can transport bulky aviation parts that weigh hundreds of pounds.




Flatbed heavy haul companies can also transport shipping goods. The heavy haul trucks can carry large containers from the factory to the seaport. They can also load large containers from the seaport and transport them to the factory.


Flatbed companies use specialized tools such as industry-strength chains and nylon or rubber straps to quickly and safely load and unload the goods. The tools are used for loading the shipping containers from the port and unloading them at the destination.




Flatbed heavy haul companies can be used for the transport of a large number of vehicles. The lowboy service near me is perfect for transporting sedans, SUVs, trucks, and vans. The large trucks can be used for the transportation of dozens of heavy vehicles over a long distance.




The construction industry can also benefit from hiring the services of flatbed heavy haul companies. The companies can transport goods used in the construction sector such as:


  • Lumbar

  • Steel bars

  • Concrete

  • Water pipes

  • Cranes

  • Scaffolding

  • Water tanks


Hiring an experienced flatbed heavy haul company is recommended for transporting oversized goods. Heavy Haul Transporting has been serving companies all over the US for over a decade. Our professional team of drivers, loaders, and unloaders can safely transport heavy equipment and parts from one location to another. Contact us today to get the best rates for flatbed heavy haul transportation services.